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Customer Service Week - Client Highlight: Safe Babies Healthy Families

Posted by Stephanie Katzfey

Safe Babies Healthy Families Inc is a merger of two Waukesha County organizations; Pregnancy Support Connection and Healthy Families of Waukesha.  Pregnancy Support Connection was a long standing client of R&R Insurance, when the merger took place in 2011.  The organization's focus is to break the cycle of child abuse, neglect and poverty within the community.  Safe Babies Healthy Families Inc provides case management, parenting programs, childbirth education, as well as safe housing & transitional living services.  Tammy Perez is the producer on the account, and Sarah Hillmer is the Customer Service Representative.

On the left Joan Lorenz, Operations Director with Safe Babies Healthy Families; on the right our very own Sarah Hillmer

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