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Health insurance for Fido?

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Humans aren't the only ones facing skyrocketing healthcare costs. The price of veterinary service continues to rise which may make buying pet insurance worth the premiums.

There are 3 basic types of pet policies:

  • Accidents only - average monthly premium $20
  • Accidents and illnesses - average monthly premium $40
  • Wellness (checkups) and accidents - average monthly premium $75

The best candidates for pet insurance may be owners of a pet that has a higher risk of getting hurt or sick, and minimal bankroll to spend on pet bills. It ends up being risk management against a serious accident or illness. If you are going to look into coverage for your pet, ask these questions when shopping:

  1. What is and isn't covered?
  2. What are the co-insurance charges? Are you able to choose the deductible you want?
  3. What are the coverage limits per year, incident, and lifetime?
  4. How are pre-existing conditions handled?
  5. How and when are claims reimbursed?

While you're in charge of deciding what options are best for your beloved pet, let us help you review what is best for your home and auto insurance protection by contacting us.

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