Risk Management Capabilities

The spectrum of Risk Management is broad and critically important to protecting your financial and human capital. At R & R our collaboration is built upon understanding your company operations, priorities and assessing risk to most effectively protect your assets and provide assistance in maximizing your Return On Investment and preserving your business reputation.

Our Professional Services Division provides you with experienced risk management professionals qualified to assist whether it is the journey toward formal Enterprise Risk Management Certification or an initial review of risk exposures and current programs in place. We will work together to find the right balance of risk retention, risk transfer and mutually develop customized measurable service and cost reduction initiatives. The following R & R Risk Management Centers of Influence are available to positively impact your enterprise:

Risk Management Consulting

  • Program and Coverage Reviews
  • Service Plan Development, Monitoring and Stewardship
  • Advocacy and Advice on Risk Placement, Contractual/Indemnification, Claims and Compliance.
  • Alternative Risk Including Captives
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Updates on current and emerging trends in your industry

Loss Prevention

  • Exposure evaluation with tailored service plans to prevent and mitigate losses
  • Supervisor and Employee Training
  • OSHA and other regulatory compliance
  • Ergonomic reviews, selected IH Testing capabilities
  • Assistance with accident investigation, safety committee development and participation

Claims Management and Advocacy

  • Senior Claim Consultants on staff to assist in complex coverage issues, carrier negotiations and claim monitoring
  • Facilitate and participate in regular joint on-site Claim Reviews
  • Monitor carrier reserving practices on your claims
  • Develop and monitor claims service and stewardship accountabilities customized to your business.
  • Assist with litigation management
    Risk Management Information/Data Capabilities
  • Detailed loss trend analysis and forecasting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customized Risk Management Dashboards, Scorecards and Reports
  • Industry Benchmarking Data

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