Top Three Analysis

Identify your top three cost drivers through a three-year loss analysis in an effort to develop a working safety plan that involves specific goals to not only reduce losses but also incorporate steps to achieve those goals.

Products Evaluation

Our tight analysis of your company’s products will expose the potential for liability. Experience that relates to your needs leads our team to accurately identify possible product hazards. We’ll search for inherent or design exposure, manufacturing and packing hazards; warning labels and warranties, discontinued and non-conforming products, foreseeable use and misuse and potential exposure with your vendors, suppliers and subcontractors. In addition, we’ll stress the importance of incident reporting, complete investigations of all potential product liability claims, corrective action and follow-up on all reported incidents. Further than product evaluation, we’ll also discuss and review Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreements, Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insured information, all of which are documents that assist in transferring or reducing liability.

What types of employees are you attracting?

You can expect increased occupational accidents and workers compensation claims without an effective drug free workplace program. Add to that increased health care costs, absenteeism rates and lost productivity. And there’s more! - job applicants who can’t pass a drug test gravitate to companies that don’t test!

Contact us to learn more about developing an easy-to-implement, cost-effective drug free workplace program. We have dozens of real scenarios on the cost-savings potential of this simple and effective control.