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Quality Claims Management Ideal For Quality Truck Care Center

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Ken Balda, President of Quality Truck Care Center of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, describes how R&R's claims management process saved his company from what could have been a very large claim...

"For our garage package renewal last year we chose to go with R&R Insurance Services who represented American Hardware Mutual. Mike Obertin and Bill Katzfey put together the proposal and presented us with a solid package that appeared to best suit our needs. When I made my decision and spoke to Mike Obertin, I told him the most important thing for me was for them and the company to be there if, and when, a big claim were to happen. Well; their test came in short order when a substantial claim arose. R&R brought in one of their experts, Jerry Aman, to handle this difficult claim and he was able to work with the insurance companies involved to resolve the claim for us."

"Being in business has many risks and as business owners we tend to buy our insurance based on what we hear at the proposal and the price we are willing to pay. The people at R&R insurance services have shown me what a leading agency can do to better protect my business. I had not experienced a team of professionals coming together to partner with me and work so hard to protect us. The people at R&R are true professionals and I highly recommend them and would be open to sharing my experience. When you get a chance to receive a proposal from them it may be one of your better business opportunities; it was for me and my company. " - Ken J. Balda

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Parking Lot Maintenance Reduces Premium by 45%

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Parking Lot Maintenance Logo“I can’t begin to explain what Jamie and R&R have done for us. In 2002 PLM had a mod factor of 1.15. We now boast a .69 mod. We have a fantastic safety program and a 45% reduction in premium. This reduction occurred during a huge company growth period.”
Grant Pozorski
Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc.

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Interstate Sealant & Concrete

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Interstate Sealant

“Having Jamie as an agent has been one of the most beneficial steps I have done for my company. Jamie is not only knowledgeable in the field, but he also helps me become more proactive in my business insurance needs regarding risk exposure. He is a great facilitator between the carrier and the client so they can both come up with better solutions for running a business.”

Cheryl Sment
Interstate Sealant & Concrete, Inc.

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Donovan & Jorgenson Lowers Workers Comp Costs

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Donovan & Jorgenson Logo“Jamie Vanderveldt has been very helpful and informative in the time we have worked with him. Jamie has been instrumental in helping us focus on ways to reduce our workers comp costs. He has earned our confidence as a result of his thoroughness and expertise. I appreciate his friendly and helpful attitude.”
Joe Donovan
Donovan Jorgenson Inc.

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R&R Answers Marriott Construction's Tough Insurance Questions

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Marriott Construction Logo“R&R Insurance provides us with a proactive approach to managing our Workers Comp costs. Their claims review process positively impacts our bottom line. They proactively close out claims which most recently caused $23,000 to be added to our variable dividend. They play an important role on our team by always providing highly responsive service when we need it. They not only provide us with the answers to our tough insurance questions, but help us to gain an understanding of the underlying issues. With their help, we now understand that a properly managed Workers’ Comp program will provide us with a competitive advantage!”

Seth Mickelson
Marriott Construction, Inc.

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Safety Practices Lower Schaus Roofing Mod

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Schaus Roofing

“R&R’s knowledge and experience with workers compensation had an immediate effect on our insurance costs. Their continued efforts on monitoring our safety practices and working on our behalf with insurance companies keeps us competitive. Our MOD rating has done nothing but go down since we’ve partnered with R&R.”

Tom Schaus
Schaus Roofing, Inc

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Mass Brothers Construction Puts Safety to Work

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Mass Brothers Construction Logo“Jamie Vanderveldt and the staff of R&R Insurance have been invaluable in assisting our company through the process of updating our risk management program. Having a strategic business partner like Jamie who is well versed in contractual and insurance risk-allocation practices has been a great asset in the ever-evolving construction industry.

While a premium has always been put on safety with our company, Jamie and his staff have taken our safety program to a new level with the development and implementation of a new formal written general safety program, fleet safety program and on-site training of supervisors which was completed in conjunction with John Brengosz.”

Anthony Maas
Maas Bros Construction Co.

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New Berlin Grading Lowers Experience MOD

Posted by the knowledge brokers

“Jamie, on behalf of New Berlin Grading, Inc., thank you for the service you and R&R Insurance have given our account. Through your professional and personal attention to our needs and challenges we have been able to lower our EMR from a .99 to a .65. We attribute this success to the direct efforts of you and the resource team.”

Dennis Schmit
New Berlin Grading, Inc.

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Squared Away Builders Levels Work Comp Premiums

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Squared Away Builders

Like many young companies in the construction industry Squared Away Builders, Inc. concentrated on working hard, staying busy and taking care of their customers. This left little or no time to manage other things like workman’s compensation insurance premiums. In the case of Squared Away, learning how to manage workers compensation insurance was one key to lowering costs, making the company more safe and enabling the company to become proactive instead of reactive when it came to workman’s comp.

A feeling of helplessness…
“When it came to work comp there was an inherent feeling of helplessness” says Brett Wittig, President of Squared Away Builders, Inc. “As a small business you try to do the best you can managing your employees while managing your business for profit at the same time and when the WC premium rolled around it felt like a slap in the face. We had been working hard all year, concentrating on the basics of running a business and it felt like we were helpless and couldn’t do anything about this large premium.”

Experience MOD for Squared Away

We didn’t know what was coming…

“After our third year in business, we knew our modifier was 1.71 but we had no idea where this number came from, how it was determined or how it affected our premiums directly. We did know however after three years of large premiums that we had to do something to lower our costs if we wanted to stay competitive.”

The search for knowledge…
“Frustrated about work comp but still trying to concentrate on making a profit and taking care of our employees Bill Katzfey caught our attention. His philosophy of creating a knowledge based culture change in our organization in order to help manage work comp costs was something that Squared Away needed. What’s more important was that Bill was able to give us the knowledge, specifically in regards to the construction industry, which we needed as a company in order to make that culture change. R&R Insurance Services has given us and continues to give us a solid understanding of what it truly costs to have an injured worker”, states Dan Wittig, Operations Manager.

The difference it has made…
“We have had the program we designed with the knowledge and techniques provided by R&R for three years now and we finally are seeing the benefits. We have used the premium savings to invest in our employees and in the future of our company. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not be in the position we are in today without the help and knowledge of R&R Insurance Services has provided us.”

“Since 2001 we have been applying the concepts that R&R teaches in their WC seminar. It took a lot of hard work, consistent communication of a solid message and a little patience.”

Brett & Dan Wittig
Squared Away Builders

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Merit Asphalt Reduces Work Comp Premiums

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Merit Asphalt“The insurance team at R&R insurance helped me to put in place a safety program that will reduce my Workers’ Comp premium by $30,000 in the coming policy year. R&R tracks our claims and their accuracy. They found additional savings of $14,000 this policy year… R&R Insurance is a necessary tool for Merit Asphalt Inc.”

Bob Pederson
Merit Asphalt, Inc.

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