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Did Your Healthcare Broker Promise You a Somersault?

Posted by Jeff Sewell

health-care-brokerLet me start by asking, do you know how to do a somersault?


Without seeing if you raised your hand, I am willing to bet, you confirmed that you know how to do a somersault.


Now I’ll ask you – Do you really remember how to do a somersault?


Seems pretty simple – right? But when was the last time you actually got down on all fours and attempted to muddle your body into a ball and project your feet over your head? Chances are, it’s been quite some time since you last attempted this feat. And probably with good reason – why do a somersault as an adult (unless you’re a gymnast, in the military training to dodge enemies, or a ninja)?


The other day, when I got home from work, my wife asked me if I could do a somersault. Naturally, and with my male self-assurance, I replied, “Yes, certainly.” Now, my wife wasn’t asking because she had any interest in seeing me do one, she was asking because she had resided in her own self-assurance and thought, “It’s just like riding a bike.”


See, a few hours earlier, our 5 older children (ages 10 through 13) were trying to teach oops child #6 (2 ½) how to do a somersault. Yet, as my wife looked on, she noticed that the older kids forgot how to do a somersault. She chuckled and giggled as they rolled their bodies from side to side in an attempt to relearn something that seemed so simple.


So, as expected, my children, who are motivated by the grief they can instill in their mother, threw out the challenge to my wife, “Let’s see you do it, Mom!”


I wasn’t there to see it, yet my wife’s explanation was visual enough that I laughed pretty loud at the thought of her trying to outdo the kids. She explained how she got into a jumbled ball and stayed locked there for what seemed like an eternity. She was perplexed at how to make the transition of, tuck, roll your neck, arch your back, push off with the balls of your feet, brace with your hands, and let your hands and shoulders fall through after your feet and legs project end over end.


I am not going to age my wife, yet let’s just say it’s been 20 plus years since she made the attempt. Did she do it? Yes. Was it as easy as she thought? Heck no. Does her back and neck now hurt? You bet.


So, why does a guy who’s a Healthcare Broker for a living think there is a correlation between doing a somersault and managing your healthcare benefits? Well, it’s simple. When was the last time you truly went through the process of evaluating what your Healthcare Broker is offering for you? See, in sales, we’ll do flips, cartwheels, jump through hoops, and even somersault at the chance to earn your business. Yet once you say yes, are you circling back, taking note of why you said yes, and holding your Broker accountable to the somersault they promised?


Being a Healthcare Broker is not just saying I know how to do a somersault, it’s being an expert at it and performing the aerial feats that landed us your business in the first place. A quality, high-flying Broker relationship should include a plan that illustrates how they’ll be doing airborne bouts for you on a continual basis throughout the year.


At R&R, we’re poised to exceed your expectations and deliver a 12-month, somersault of a plan to provide you with the confidence that the flips and cartwheels continue long after you award us a, “Yes.”


If you’d like to learn how we’ll transcend your expectations, please contact me.


Now, if you’re wondering if I attempted the feat of the somersault, well, the answer is yes, and the outcome was even worse than my lovely wife’s.


A different kind of Broker truly equals a different kind of result. Knowledge is in the Knowing – Come Know With Us.

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