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All-American Celebrations: Freedom & Baseball

Posted by Stephanie Katzfey

As we head in to the 4th of July holiday, R&R employees share their All-American thoughts: their definition of freedom and their memories of a classic American sport, baseball.

Both videos are part of the July Personal Lines e-newsletter that is sent to all Personal Lines customers. 

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What Freedom Means to Some R&R Employees:

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts: Brandy Enger, Bill Katzfey, Dan Wolfgram, Rianna Doll, Rhonda Steiner, Chris Rogers, Kathy Rector, Joyce Gott, Jack Riesch, and Kori Cumley.

Here's a cute story about how R&R employee Traci Catalano sang the Star-Spangled Banner to her daughters and tought them the real story behind the song.

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R&R is a great place to work!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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