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Obesity Linked to Higher Workers Compensation Claims

Posted by Stephanie Katzfey

A study recently conducted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) provides further proof of the emerging costs related to obesity in the workplace. Not only does it impact health insurance costs, but obesity has also been linked to higher workers compensation claims.

workers compensation claimsThe article provides further proof that proactive wellness programs in the workplace are more important than ever. Manufacturers are already finding it extremely difficult to find skilled employees to fill vacant positions, particularly as one generation of skilled employees nears retirement age – as noted in the Manpower Group survey.

Given all of those factors, it’s more important than ever to keep your current employees healthy, active, on the job and contributing their valuable knowledge to the organization. At R&R Insurance, we combine our extensive knowledge of how to reduce workers compensation claims with workplace wellness concepts to drive further reductions in insurance premiums that will positively affect the bottom line. 

Wisconsin businesses, for more information about workers compensation, wellness or any property casualty and employee benefits issues, contact knowledgebroker Mike Payne.

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