Mergers & Aquisitions 

As a company transitions, the requirement for a thorough risk analysis whether buyer or seller is critical and requires specialized insurance broker expertise.

With an established, local Mergers & Acquisition Division utilizing a proprietary due-diligence process, R&R Insurance is strongly qualified to assist in risk management protection for acquirers and sellers in assisting the ease of transition.

  • The strictest of confidentiality among the select team members
  • Dedicated, experienced team with extensive experience in risk due-diligence and analysis relating to company transitions
  • Formal, written, established mergers & acquisitions process which can be shared and demonstrated at outset of the process
  • In-house expertise to assist in unique indemnification issues relating to the proposed agreement, as well as analysis of existing contractual protection adequacy
  • Local risk management safety experts to review safety programs and risk exposures, on-site with travel capabilities, and agency partner affiliations to provide full geographic reach
  • Management Liability experts to review coverage and determine if additional protection or gaps in coverage exist
  • Highly Protected Risk expertise to maximize the benefits of both risk protection and cost of risk leverage in commercial property.
  • Local risk management consultant experts to review adequacy of primary Property and Casualty coverages with recommendations, where appropriate, to add, amend, or reduce redundancy
  • In-house claims specialists to review loss trends, reserve adequacy, and future potential financial and loss exposure on latent or existing claims
  • Coverage experts to assess and place where required unique risk transfer products addressing potential exposures in mergers and acquisitions such as: Representations and Warranties Coverage, Tax Liability Coverage, Loss Mitigation Coverage, as well as possible finite loss portfolio transfer agreements
  • PASSPORT: a proprietary information management system to provide security and communications data utilizing encryption and firewall capabilities to protect and selectively share data in a way to protect confidentiality and non-disclosure of sensitive information
  • Assurex Global Partner: as the only domiciled agency in Wisconsin, we provide access to resources domestic and worldwide to provide full geographic scope where required.


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