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Dental Claims - By the Numbers

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Dental Claim.jpgIn CNA Insurance's 2016 "Claim Report", they recap the statistics behind dental claims for the year.  Below are a few that stuck out to me - all the more reason that we make sure your Practice is properly covered. 

  1. The average indemnity paid  for general practitioners was $83,120
  2. The average indemnity payment for specialists was $125,651; excluding oral surgeons the average was $98,626
  3. The top 4 procedures associated with claims are root canals, surgical extractions, surgical placement of implants and crowns
  4. 23% of closed claims allege treatment failure, resulting in a total paid indemnity of $17,892,090
  5. Dentists who participated in the risk management education programs had claim costs 20% below the overall average.

Topics: Professional Liability, Dental Practice