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Distracted Driving Causes 8,000 Accidents Every Single Day!

Posted by Bill Katzfey

Truck_AccidentAccording to the AAA Foundation, distracted driving causes about 8,000 accidents every single day! And the CDC reports that more than 15 people are killed and 1,200 injured every day in those accidents. Corporate fleets are not immune from those numbers. You expect your employees to multi-task all the time, but never expect that while they are behind the wheel.

There are three main types of distraction:

  1. Visual – taking your eyes off the road (i.e.: looking at a map or for a landmark or address if the driver is not sure where they are going before the trip)
  2. Manual - taking your hands off the wheel (i.e. reaching for the radio or two way radio while driving)
  3. Cognitive - taking your mind off what you are doing (paying more attention to work situations or the next job site)

Fleet drivers should have one goal and one goal only; operating their vehicle safely and efficiently from point A to point B.

While driving, there should be no other tasks, no other distractions, nothing is more important. R&R Insurance offers Distracted Driving window clings to remind your drivers and others on the road to stop the distraction. Wisconsin businesses, if you would like a sample of our Distracted Driving window clings, use our convenient order form and we will send you a sample - or a few - depending on your needs.

Fleet Safety Essentials – It’s About The Driver!

Top 9 Driving While Texting Infographics

For more information about fleet safety and property casualty insurance, contact knowledgebroker Bill Katzfey.

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Quality Claims Management Ideal For Quality Truck Care Center

Posted by the knowledge brokers

Ken Balda, President of Quality Truck Care Center of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, describes how R&R's claims management process saved his company from what could have been a very large claim...

"For our garage package renewal last year we chose to go with R&R Insurance Services who represented American Hardware Mutual. Mike Obertin and Bill Katzfey put together the proposal and presented us with a solid package that appeared to best suit our needs. When I made my decision and spoke to Mike Obertin, I told him the most important thing for me was for them and the company to be there if, and when, a big claim were to happen. Well; their test came in short order when a substantial claim arose. R&R brought in one of their experts, Jerry Aman, to handle this difficult claim and he was able to work with the insurance companies involved to resolve the claim for us."

"Being in business has many risks and as business owners we tend to buy our insurance based on what we hear at the proposal and the price we are willing to pay. The people at R&R insurance services have shown me what a leading agency can do to better protect my business. I had not experienced a team of professionals coming together to partner with me and work so hard to protect us. The people at R&R are true professionals and I highly recommend them and would be open to sharing my experience. When you get a chance to receive a proposal from them it may be one of your better business opportunities; it was for me and my company. " - Ken J. Balda

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