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FMLA: Educating Your Managers On New FMLA Guidelines

Posted by Jane Shevey

family2Can you ensure your response to an employee’s request for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is appropriate, consistent, and includes the appropriate certifications? Have you educated and informed your managers about their role and personal responsibilities in following FMLA guidelines?

Here are key elements of the Family Medical Leave Act that you and your managers should know:

  • The 3 Critical Areas Affected by the New FMLA Regulations
  • New Obligations for Military Leave Amendments
    1. Military Caregiver Leave: Clarifications to the Existing Leave
    2. Qualifying Exigency Leave: Understand the New Leave Provisions
    3. Non-Military Family and Medical Leave Issues Eligible Employees
  • Definition of a 'Serious Health Condition' under the New Provisions
  • Medical Certification Dos and Don'ts
  • Intermittent FMLA Compliance:
    • Who is Eligible?
    • What Employers Can Require?
    • Employer Rights
    • Recognizing FMLA-related Leave Requests
    • Lessons Learned from Court Cases
  • Handling the 'Bermuda Triangle' - the Interplay Between the ADA, FMLA, and Worker's Compensation
  • Curbing FMLA Abuse
    • What You Can - and Cannot Do - When Investigating Potential Abuses
    • Strategies to Minimize Abuse

Get the practical advice and compliance guidance you need to avoid mistakes and protect your company from FMLA lawsuits. Wisconsin companies looking for more information on the FMLA, please contact knowledgebroker Jane Shevey.

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