Data Breaches - It Can Happen To Any Business - Big or Small

It takes an organization an average of 191 days to identify a data breach.  Once discovered, an average ransomware attack costs a company $75,000 and 6 weeks of lost production and revenue.

Sure, companies can employ the best IT talent around, but that’s no guarantee that your network won’t be compromised, or that your data won’t be breached. No system is 100% secure!

Security breaches are risky for everyone – large and small businesses alike. In fact, some would say that smaller business are more at risk because they lack the infrastructure to keep their data secure.

If you have employees – you have risk!  Most likely you pay them via EFT. That means you are storing their personal identifiable information and their bank access information.

If you have a product that you sell and collect shipping, credit card or billable information either on line or within your own in-house system, you also have that exposure.

Have you thought about transferring all of this risk to an insurance product that can cover you in case of a data breach?  Cyber Liability insurance can also help you pick up the pieces and restore confidence after the incident. 

Custom Cyber Insurance Program

R&R Insurance creates custom programs focusing on 4 key steps:

  1. Employee training (annually)
  2. Internal IT security
  3. Banking protocols for wiring money and financial transactions
  4. Insurance to help keep the business up and running WHEN your organization experiences a cyber loss

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