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Does Your Company Have an Auto Policy?

Posted by Kristen Beach

Company Auto PolicyYou have a small business, your company doesn’t own any automobiles, and no one drives for their job… you don’t need any auto policy, right? Wrong! 

Do you or your employees occasionally visit a customer?  Do you drop items off at the bank, even on the way home?  What about go out for a company lunch?  Rent a car to drive to a seminar or trade show? Then you might want to consider Hired/Non-owned Automobile coverage. 

Hired/Non-owned Auto coverage is auto liability coverage for your business when your employees are driving on work-related matters.  In the event there is an accident, defending your company in case of a lawsuit. This coverage comes in to play when there is a vehicle being driven by you or an employee that is Hired (i.e. rental cars) or Non-owned (by the company).  So if an employee is driving his or her own vehicle to attend a trade show, there would be liability coverage to protect the business.  

This reasonably inexpensive coverage can be added to most general liability policies. Contact R&R Insurance for more information.

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