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Pick-up Trucks Most Dangerous Choice for Teenage Drivers

Posted by Resource Center

car crashAs teenagers get their driver’s licenses and hit the road, parents usually decide what their children drive, and most feel comfortable with a vehicle that’s as safe as can possibly be. A lot of times that choice is a pick-up truck because it's large, and seemingly indestructible. Parents and teen drivers, however, take note: a pick-up truck could be the most dangerous vehicle for a 16-17 year old to drive. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Texas and published in the traffic safety journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, teens driving pick-up trucks are two times as likely to be severely injured during a crash than a teen of the same age driving a car.

Teenagers driving a pickup are more likely to drive aggressively and sustain serious injuries in a crash, according to the study which also found that when it comes to aggressive driving behavior, a 16-17 year old is 368 percent more likely to drive aggressively than those 65 or older, while a teen just a couple of years older is only 195 percent more likely.

Full article: Teen Drivers and Pick-up Trucks, A Bad Mix? at ABC News.

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