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Medicare Counseling Services

Posted by the knowledge brokers

There are two significant trends with today’s modern work force:iStock_000024180657_Large.jpg
  1. Employees are working longer and retiring at a later age
  2. Each day, there are over 10,000 Americans reaching age 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare

At R&R Insurance Services we continue to provide our Medicare counseling services to the employees and dependents of our clients to understand their insurance options. All too often an employee overlooks their Medicare eligibility if they elect to work beyond age 65. However, this may not be their best insurance option when you factor in their cost of insurance (employee contribution) and the plan deductible. 

With most employers embracing a high deductible health plan, employees or dependents of employees who reach age 65 can exercise their option to enroll into Medicare and waive the employer’s group medical plan. Often the cost to elect Medicare Part B and a corresponding private supplement or Advantage plan can result in a medical plan with a $0 deductible and lower direct premium costs.

Our health insurance experts are ready to help you with your needs. Click here to meet our team. 

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Individual Health Insurance | Know Your Options

Posted by Liz Johnson

Individual Health Insurance.pngAs you become eligible for Medicare, you have options for your health insurance coverage. R&R Insurance has an Individual Health Insurance Department that can help you determine which plan would be best for you. The months leading up to your Medicare eligibility can be particularly overwhelming as many insurance companies will begin sending you mailings about the plans that they offer.

We are lucky to have four talented Individual Health Insurance experts located at different offices.

There are several parts of Medicare that can be difficult to understand and certain timelines you need to be aware of to avoid future financial penalties.  Our team can help you with:

  • Understanding the “Alphabet Soup” of Medicare
  • Reviewing your option of enrolling into Medicare or remaining on your employer’s plan
  • Explaining the difference between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans
  • Evaluating your Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage options
  • Understanding your requirement to enroll in Medicare Part B if you work for a small employer

If you would like to evaluate your Medicare options, or know someone who does, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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