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Construction Insurance Agency

Construction Insurance & Bonding Division

Our Construction Insurance & Bonding Division is framed around experienced insurance professionals who have dedicated their knowledge and careers to insuring the construction industry.

R&R Insurance writes business insurance for construction companies such as:

  • Architects and Engineers
  • Commercial and Residential Electrical
  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial and Residential Roofers
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Design, Build, and Development
  • General Contractors
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Home Builders
  • Remodeling and Restoration Services
  • Road Builders
  • Sub-contractors, All Trades
  • Underground Contractors

Our bonding division also helps insure the financial side of the construction business.

Our proper business attire is just like yours – blue jeans and work boots – because our safety and risk management specialists are constantly out on job sites talking to contractors and employees, and assessing situations.

R&R’s Unique Approach

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"Zignego partnered with R&R Insurance to help manage our property and casualty insurance program. They’ve had a tremendous impact identifying insurance opportunities, providing effective risk transfer solutions and enhancing our safety program and culture. R&R’s impact has made Zignego Company a better and safer business."


"Our agent is always looking to improve safety standards and in return, has led to lower premiums and company growth. We have been impressed with the resources the R&R team provides. Their expertise and personal rapport in the construction industry has developed a clear understanding of our insurance requirements, needs and goals."


Knowledgebroker Insights

Understanding Construction Risk Transfer is critical the protection of your business. Transferring risk to other parties, and taking on only those risks you can control is critical to a well-designed risk program.

Building a culture of Employee Safety can improve the productivity of your workforce and make your business a desirable construction partner with whom to work with.


Knowledgebroker Impact

A poorly drafted construction contract resulted in a sub-contractor taking on the jobsite safety responsibilities of many contractors on the site. Only after a serious job site accident did the owner know his contract was inadequate. A policy limits claim payout and the distinct likelihood of an uninsured loss negatively impacted this business for years.

An experience mod under 1.0 and an incident free OSHA history can mean the difference between getting the job and being left out of the bidding process. Your safety record and history can get in the way of acquiring new jobs and work.


Knowledgebroker Solution

R&R’s Construction Division team of professionals are skilled in designing programs to maximize coverage and protect your organizations assets, while being cost competitive. R&R’s team of Professional Services employees can help you evaluate your construction contracts, safety programs, and job site safety practices.

Construction Insurance Products

  • Commercial Package Policy – a comprehensive policy that includes coverage for commercial property, business income and general liability coverage into convenient package
  • Umbrella Liability and Excess Liability Protection – extends an additional layer of protection if your primary liability limits are exceeded due to loss or damages
  • Commercial Auto and Fleet Coverage – covers the company vehicles, trucks and other specialized fleet vehicles you may use in your travel to job sites
  • Contractors Pollution Liability – uniquely designed coverage tailored to the needs and exposures faced by contractors. R&R can provide protection against the environmental liabilities left uncovered by standard commercial general liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation - protecting your workers in the event they are injured on the job. Provides for lost wages, medical expenses, including funeral costs and death benefits. Legal fees are also included should an injured person sue the policyholder
  • Builders Risk – this product protects the project against natural disaster such as fire, hurricane, storms, hail and even theft
  • Inland Marine – coverage for contractor’s tools and equipment, mobile equipment such as excavators, fork lifts, cranes and can include leased and borrowed equipment
  • Contractors Errors & Omissions – provides coverage for property damage to the named insured’s work, the insured’s product and impaired property
  • Professional Coverages - usually covers architects and engineers when working as consultants or provide design services; the coverage is against acts, errors and/or omissions of design and offered services
  • Construction Surety and Bonding – provides for a financial guarantee that the covered party will fulfill their contractual obligations. A full product suite of contract, bid, payment and maintenance bonds are available through R&R

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Construction Risk Management Services

  • Insurance Policy Coverage Review – in depth analysis and review of current policies to identify coverage gaps, unfavorable terms, conditions and identification of the broadest coverage forms for your particular construction business
  • Contracts Review – a detailed review of construction contracts, vendor and supplier agreements and other key contracts to ensure contractual obligations are well understood and the policyholder is not knowingly taking on additional risk on someone else’s behalf
  • Risk Transfer Analysis - strategies for allocating and insuring risks arising from construction projects to help minimize exposure to an unnecessary risk and shift it to the responsible party
  • OSHA Mock Audits - providing guidance on OSHA regulations, compliance guidelines, remediation plans and OSHA penalty negotiation strategies
  • Safety Consulting - supporting clients to assistance solving, managing and improving employee safety practices
  • Employee & Management Training Programs – R&R provides thought leadership, insights, education and training on today’s critical & timely industry topics
  • Industrial Hygiene Safety and Testing - identifying and evaluating occupational and environmental health hazards including analysis of test results and mitigation plan design
  • Online / Mobile Platform Safety Resources – digital platform that offers applications, resources and program administration tools focused on employee safety and effective risk management practices
  • COVID-19 Support / Infectious Disease Planning - assist in the creation of effective infectious disease and response plans, sanitization plans and resources, as well as critical documentation practices

Association Memberships

We are proud to work alongside and partner with top construction associations.


Awards and Recognition

We are humbled and honored to be recognized by our peers for the work we do within the Construction industry.

R&RInsurance-Best Bonding and Insurance firm


R&RInsurance-Best Benefits Program


R&RInsurance-Best Wealth Management Provider


R&RInsurance-RR-Best Safety Management Co.


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Our Specialized Construction Team



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