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Gas & Oil Distribution Agency

Gas & Oil Distribution Division

When it comes to insurance the petroleum industry has a number of struggles a specialist agency can truly help with.

R&R Insurance has a long list of gas and oil clients active in areas such as:

  • Propane Distributors
  • Oil Distributors
  • Convenience Stores

Our team of specialists have put together several unique programs dedicated to better serving the gas and oil distribution and gas & oil industries. R&R has custom programs with a host of client training and educational opportunities ranging from defensive driving, loading/unloading safety, and many others.

This together with our strong safety and loss control personnel and claims advocacy makes R&R Insurance a top choice for your gas and oil insurance needs.

R&R’s Unique Approach

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"TJ and the R&R Insurance team have been a terrific partner. They found a fuel and trucking carrier that we did not even know was an option until we started working with them on a quote. Besides the cost savings, we have found the risk management services with R&R to be personalized to our business and superior to our previous carrier's commitment to those needs. We would highly recommend TJ and the R&R team to anyone in the gas and oil space."

John Wagner
Wagner Oil Company


Knowledgebroker Insights

Your vendor or supplier contracts, building or equipment lease agreements, indoor and outdoor hazards and your businesses digital footprint all represent areas of substantial risk to your business if not properly controlled.

The business environment is always changing, and in today’s environment not understanding how these risks can destroy your business and deplete your assets is a huge mistake.


Knowledgebroker Impact

Taking on the risk of another organization through a contract or lease agreement, should only be done after careful and thoughtful analysis. Many business owners unknowingly, take on financial and legal obligations without ever knowing they have done so.

Few businesses have the financial resources to take on these additional risks and costs. Every business owner should understand the contractual risk transfer process.


Knowledgebroker Solution

R&R’s team of professionals are skilled in designing programs to maximize coverage and protect your organizations assets, while being cost competitive. R&R’s team of Professional Services employees can help you evaluate your organization’s contractual risk transfer exposure, and most importantly, outline mitigation strategies to ensure your business is properly protected.

Petroleum Distribution Insurance Products

  • Pollution Liability – Liability coverage on a claims-made basis for cost of site clean up
  • Misdelivery of Liquid Products - Coverage for operations which may require further service, maintenance, correction, repair or replacement of performance at the wrong address or because of any error, defect or deficiency
  • Automatic Fill / Failure to Supply - “bodily injury” or “property damage” arising out of your failure or omission to keep a customer of yours supplied with fuel oil or liquefied petroleum gas in accordance with your agreement to do so, subject to certain provisions
  • Gas and Oil Contamination – Coverage to pay for the contamination of your liquid petroleum products at your premises caused by water
  • Pollutant Clean Up and Removal – Expense to extract “pollutants” from land or water at your premises or other locations from your operations or above ground storage tank
  • Tank Coverage – Tanks, whether above ground or underground, and their contents, piping, and connections
  • Tank Leakage – Loss of liquids from above ground tanks caused by sudden and accidental breakage, failure or malfunction of the tank or its apparatus
  • Terminal Access Card Coverage – Loss of business personal property or personal effects and property of others in your care, custody or control, caused by use of a “terminal access card” that has been lost, stolen, or obtained by kidnapping
  • Contract Penalty Clause – Contractual penalties you are required to pay to your customers as a result of any clause in your contracts for failure to timely deliver your product according to contract terms. Must result from a direct physical loss or damage to covered property
  • Umbrella Liability and Excess Liability Protection – extends an additional layer of protection if your primary liability limits are exceeded due to loss or damages
  • Commercial Auto Coverage – covers the company owned vehicles and trucks you or your employees may use in the course of operating your business
  • Non-Owned Auto Coverage – covers your liability when the personal vehicle of an employee or temporary staff is driven for business
  • Commercial Crime – protects business owners from the costs associated with employee dishonesty, computer and funds transfer, forgery or alteration, money and securities and theft of a client’s property
  • Workers Compensation - protecting your workers in the event they are injured on the job. Provides for lost wages, medical expenses, including funeral costs and death benefits. Legal fees are also included should an injured person sue the policyholder
  • Cyber - coverage that helps protects against a wide range of cyber risks associated with manufacturing, including industrial control, supervisory control and data acquisition systems and output devices
  • Directors and Officers Liability – coverage is customized to help protect the personal assets of a privately owned company's directors and officers and the financial well-being of the company. As a director or an officer of a company, you can be held personally responsible for management decisions
  • Professional Liability – protects business owners from the risks you face in delivering your professional services
  • International Products – coverage for importing or exporting goods, traveling employees and working with suppliers located in other countries
  • Employment Practices Liability – provides coverage and/or defense expenses against claims by employee that their legal rights as employees of your company have been violated
  • Workplace Violence Expense – can assist in the unexpected financial costs incurred as a result of a violent event taking place at your business

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Gas & Oil Distribution Insurance Resources

  • Insurance Policy Coverage Review – in depth analysis and review of current policies to identify coverage gaps, unfavorable terms and conditions and identification of the broadest coverage forms for your particular petroleum distribution business
  • Contracts Review – a detailed review of petroleum distribution contracts, vendor and supplier agreements and other key contracts to ensure contractual obligations are well understood and policyholder is not knowingly taking on additional risk, on someone else’s behalf
  • Risk Transfer Analysis - strategies for allocating and insuring risks to help minimize exposure to an unnecessary risk and shift it to the responsible party
  • Safety Consulting - supporting clients to assistance solving, managing and improving employee safety practices
  • Employee & Management Training Programs – R&R provides thought leadership, insights and education and training on today’s critical & timely industry topics
  • Online / Mobile Platform Safety Resources – digital platform that offers applications, resources and program administration tools focused on employee safety and effective risk management practices
  • COVID-19 Support / Infectious Disease Planning - assist in the creation of effective infectious disease and response plans, sanitization plans and resources, as well as critical documentation practices

Meet our Gas & Oil Distribution Team