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Manufacturing and Industrial Services Insurance Agency

Manufacturing Division

R&R Insurance's Manufacturing Division understands the difficult property, safety and workers’ compensation exposures modern manufacturing operations face. Your conditions and needs change frequently, OSHA regulations are revised and updated, while manufacturing insurance products often require a degree of specialization to fully grasp. R&R works diligently to provide value with experienced staff handling the most complex industry exposures, providing cotemporary client education, safety consultation, staying on top of OSHA regulations and ensuring that your insurance program is tailored for your unique risks and needs.

R&R Insurance writes business insurance for manufacturing companies in nearly all areas of specialization:

  • Food Processing
  • Foundries
  • Forging and Stamping
  • Plastics
  • Cement & Concrete
  • Wood Products
  • Printing
  • Chemical
  • Craft Breweries
  • Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • Computers & Electronic

R&R’s Unique Approach

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"Insurance is an every day necessity in our business
and R&R Insurance Services has the knowledge and expertise to provide our company with the BEST insurance coverage at a competitive premium. We have shopped other insurance companies and R&R has always come out on top. They truly are a valuable asset to our company.”

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“The choice to partner with R&R Insurance was clear given the vast amount of resources that R&R provides: property & casualty insurance, working toward the lowest MOD possible, employee safety, recommendations on wellness initiatives, and suggestions for improvements with benefits packages. These shared core values make for a successful partnership."


Knowledgebroker Insights

The difficulty of staying current on matters of employee safety and workers’ compensation exposures can occupy much of your valuable time and resources. As manufacturing methods and technologies change the way you do business, staying current is imperative. Is your employee safety environment and OSHA compliance plan keeping up?


Knowledgebroker Impact

An employee safety plan that has not been kept current, or workers compensation losses that continue to mount can mean lower employee morale with unwanted and unnecessary employee turnover. This can also lead to the likelihood of additional OSHA recordable events and even OSHA compliance penalties if not properly addressed.

The indirect costs of employee injuries are numerous and typically are two to three times more expensive than the claim itself.


Knowledgebroker Solution

R&R’s Manufacturing Division team of professionals are skilled in designing programs to maximize coverage and protect your organizations assets, while being cost competitive. R&R’s team of Professional Services employees can help you evaluate your employee safety practices, safety culture, and assist in creating plans that will lead to fewer recordable events, a safer workplace and a more efficient manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Insurance Products

  • Commercial Package Policy – a comprehensive policy that includes coverage for commercial property, business income and general liability into a convenient package
  • Umbrella Liability and Excess Liability Protection – extends an additional layer of protection if your primary liability limits are exceeded due to loss or damages
  • Commercial Auto and Fleet Coverage – covers the company vehicles, trucks and other specialized fleet vehicles you may use in your travel to job sites
  • Environmental – uniquely designed coverage tailored to the needs and exposures faced by manufacturers. R&R can provide protection against the environmental liabilities left uncovered by standard commercial general liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation- protecting your workers in the event they are injured on the job. Provides for lost wages, medical expenses, including funeral costs and death benefits. Legal fees are also included should an injured person sue the policyholder
  • Inland Marine – coverage for a manufacturer’s tools and equipment, mobile equipment such as excavators, fork lifts, cranes and can include leased and borrowed equipment
  • Manufacturers’ Errors & Omissions – provides coverage for manufacturing mistakes or negligent service resulting in third party financial loss that is not bodily injury or property loss
  • Cyber - coverage that helps protects against a wide range of cyber risks associated with manufacturing, including industrial control, supervisory control, data acquisition systems and output devices
  • International Products – coverage for importing or exporting goods, traveling employees and working with suppliers located in other countries.
  • Product Recall - covers costs incurred to repair a defective product, replace a product and repurchase a product or reimburse customers for payments. It can also cover costs to redistribute and install replacement products, parts sold to customers and customer’s lost profits
  • Trade Credit – assists in protecting the seller (you) against buyers that do not, cannot or delay pay for a direct trade transaction. Non-payment may be due to insolvency, bankruptcy or a similar situation
  • Directors and Officers Liability – coverage is customized to help protect the personal assets of a privately owned company's directors and officers and the financial well-being of the company. As a director or an officer of a company, you can be held personally responsible for management decisions
  • Employment Practices Liability – provides coverage and/or defense expenses against claims by employee that their legal rights as employees of your company have been violated
  • Workplace Violence Expense – can assist in the unexpected financial costs incurred as a result of a violent event taking place at your business

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Manufacturing Insurance Resources

  • Insurance Policy Coverage Review – in depth analysis and review of current policies to identify coverage gaps, unfavorable terms/conditions and identification of the broadest coverage forms for your particular manufacturing business
  • Contracts Review – a detailed review of vendor/supplier agreements and other key contracts to ensure contractual obligations are well understood and the policyholder is not knowingly taking on additional risk on another entities' behalf
  • Experience Modification Factor Projection – a detailed review of your current workers compensation losses and their impact on workers compensation pricing. R&R will also project your future experience modification factor while confirming the accuracy of your current experience modification factor
  • Benchmarking -  compare your insurance policies with those of your competitors and industry standards. This enables you to identify gaps in coverage, minimize risks, and optimize costs, ultimately leading to better financial performance and competitiveness in the market.
  • Risk Transfer Analysis - strategies for allocating and insuring risks arising from manufacturing operations to help minimize exposure to an unnecessary risk and shift it to the responsible party
  • OSHA Mock Audits - providing guidance on OSHA regulations, compliance guidelines, remediation plans and OSHA penalty negotiation strategies
  • OSHA 300 Completion Training - providing guidance on OSHA 300 log completion, what is a reportable incident and the importance of accurate OSHA record-keeping and other key OSHA strategies
  • Safety Consulting - improving your operations safety culture with assistance in training, management, best practices and on site visitation
  • Employee & Management Training Programs – R&R provides thought leadership, insights, education and training on today’s critical & timely industry topics
  • Industrial Hygiene Safety and Testing - identifying and evaluating occupational and environmental health hazards, including analysis of test results and mitigation plan design
  • Online / Mobile Platform Safety Resources – a digital platform that offers applications, resources and program administration tools focused on employee safety and effective risk management practices
  • COVID-19 Support / Infectious Disease Planning - assist in the creation of effective infectious disease and response plans, sanitization plans and resources, as well as critical documentation practices

Association Memberships

We are proud to work alongside and partner with the top manufacturing associations.


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