R&R conducts management and supervisory training sessions on safety, claims management and accountability. When we work together and identify opportunities to reduce risk and potential loss in your business, we can tailor training sessions to be the most effective for you and your business needs. Programs can include:

  • Supervisory Accountability Training
  • Unsafe Acts vs. Unsafe Behavior
  • Accountability Training
  • Driver Education
  • Jobsite Safety Training
  • Supervisors & Management
  • Workers Compensation Seminars
  • Hazard Recognition/Awareness Training
  • Safety Committee Development and Attendance
  • Accident Investigation Training

Supervisory Accountability Training

Training supervisors to see how and where they fit into the company safety program is essential to ensure buy-in and program success. Our management training stresses the important role supervisors fill in promoting and enforcing safety. It's an important prelude toward implementing a program that will hold everyone in your company accountable for safety.

Hazard Recognition/Awareness Training

Designed to help supervisors better recognize plant hazards, develop a self-inspection plan and train their employees to do the same, this program details the cost of workers’ compensation losses to the plant and the importance of a return to work program. It can be customized to your needs and what you want to accomplish.

Safety Committee Development and Attendance

An effective safety committee should be interested in more than just housekeeping, compliance and maintenance. We'll help you guide discussion and participation in committee meetings.

Accident Investigation Training

In just 30 minutes, supervisors will learn the proper way to investigate industrial accidents and to analyze for the root cause As part of a group, participants will analyze, dissect and discover solutions that will help prevent future plant accidents. Themes center around the fact that the vast majority of accidents are preventable, but the root cause of each accident must be discovered to prevent it in the future. 

Management and Supervisory Training

We believe that if you are educated in all of the ways your business can be impacted by potential risk, you’re a good way down the path toward managing that risk. Sharing our collected knowledge is part of the partnership we’ll forge. Our management and supervisory training sessions cover safety, claims management and accountability.