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InsuranceForTanningSalons.com is the Answer for Tanning Salon Insurance Non-Renewals

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Tan5Recently, a large tanning insurance provider Thomco (Thompson Insurance Enterprises) chose to exit the tanning salon insurance marketplace. This leaves hundreds of tanning salon owners without insurance coverage for their tanning salon when their policy expires.

R&R Insurance Services, operator of www.InsuranceForTanningSalons.com is accepting applications for tanning salon insurance from any tanning salon in the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. A simple form gets the quote process started with a Tanning Insurance Specialist.

Customized Tanning Salon Insurance Program is designed with specialty coverages for sun tanning salons, including spray-on and air-brush tanning. Key elements of this insurance coverage for tanning salons includes:

get-a-quote-buttonGeneral Liability:

  • Limits up to $1 million occurrence/$3 million aggregate
  • Automatically includes Professional Liability
  • Medical Payments coverage of $10,000 per person
  • Cancer/Long Term Skin Damage included at policy limits
  • Employees as automatic insureds
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fire Legal Liability - $200,000
  • Building Owner as Additional Insured
  • BOP Plus Pak
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Optional coverages:
    • Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage
    • Employee Benefit Coverage
    • Employment Practices Liability

Umbrella Coverage:

  • Umbrella limits up to $10,000,000

Property Coverage:

  • Replacement cost of buildings and contents
  • Business Income and Extra Expense on an ALS basis
  • Crime coverage: Money & Securities $15,000 Inside/$7,000 Outside
  • Sign and glass coverage
  • Law and Ordinance
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage

www.InsuranceForTanningSalons.com offers a quick, easy application process, payment options and additional optional coverages. Call any of our knowledgeable Tanning Salon Insurance Representatives for a no-obligation quote or consultation. 262-953-7200.

Important Note For Tanning Salon Owners: No new business quotes will be accepted by Thomco, and all active policies will remain in effect until the expiration date. At expiration, tanning salon owners will receive a non-renewal notice in the mail. When you receive this notice - please contact R&R Insurance: www.insurancefortanningsalons.com or 262-953-7200.

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