You have a choice. Be informed.

You have a choice when it comes to protecting yourself and your practice.  Be sure to fully understand the financial implications of:

  • a "risk-sharing program" vs a "fully-insured program"
  • having multiple insurance companies for Professional Liability & General Liability policies
  • signing a warranty statement


Make your own decision.

You have invested a lot of time and money in your dental career.  You should know the risks associated with both the practice and the business of dentistry.  Understanding the basics of malpractice insurance before selecting a product could be critical to insuring you and your practice.


Coverage for all your Practice needs

R&R Insurance has been serving Wisconsin healthcare providers since 1975.  You can expect to receive top-notch customer service from our full service agency and an understanding of the unique insurance needs of your dental practice.


CE Courses Provide Premium Discounts

As part of the PPP®, receive discounted courses in Risk Management via live seminars and online webinars.  By completing these courses, not only are you obtaining Continuing Education credits, but you are also eligible for premium discounts.  

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What Others are Saying

"As a busy health care provider, it can be time consuming to make a change to a new insurance carrier. Nancy and R&R insurance made the process easy and hassle free. A quality company with a trustworthy knowledgedable agent along with significant cost savings in my case, is another reason why I switched to R&R insurance. I would definitely encourage my colleagues to contact Nancy for an evaluation and comparison to their current policy."  --Dr. C., Jackson, WI

"My favorite part working with you was that I felt my own friend was helping me. I didn’t just feel as a client but a family member. You were very attentive to my questions and concerns and didn’t try to push anything. I would definitely recommend you to those in my profession. I have to mention that the rate was very reasonable and completely affordable. I am looking forward to continuing my business with you.   Many thanks triple P :)"  --Dr. C., Milwaukee, WI