Every claim impacts the cost of your workers compensation insurance premiums. Did you know that one claim for $5,000 will require $250,000 in sales to generate the net profit (5%) to cover the premium increase? That's a tough nut to swallow for any business owner! With that said, we have a proven process that will help lower your premiums and get a handle on those claims. We've had Wisconsin's most knowledgeable experts on workers compensation on-staff to create our Smart Comp Process - and it's second to none! Learn more about how to effectively lower your workers compensation costs by attending our free seminar!

We work to lower your premiums by:

  • Evaluating your current and potential MOD factors 
  • Regularly assessing the safety of your job sites 
  • Developing an early return-to-work program 
  • Conducting safety surveys 
  • Creating a safety culture 
  • Educating your foreman and supervisors

What is ModMaster®?

ModMaster® utilizes the projection and verification process to determine the impact your claims are having and will have on your Workers Compensation premiums. more »

What's driving your work comp costs?

Did you know that 100% of your loss dollars are going into your mod calculation including the open reserves? Who is helping you drive down your claims costs?

At R&R Insurance Services, we'll follow a carefully designed plan, we’ll measure progress toward goals that we establish together. We’ll sift out immediate opportunities to make an impact on your claims and your costs. And we’ll lead you to practical, proven methods to understand, manage and improve your workers compensation programs.

See what companies are saying about lowering their MOD and saving money!

Learn more about how to lower your workers compensation costs at our Workers Compensation seminars.

When was the last time your agent verified your experience mod?

We recently verified a new client’s experience mod which showed $38,650 of excess reserves for claims that were closed. more »

Proven success stories for saving big cash!

Return-to-work programs reduce WC claims costs by 70

Effective return-to-work programs have been identified as one of the key elements necessary to contain and reduce the cost of workers compensation. By implementing modified duty programs and preventing claims from being lost time, you will reduce your workers compensation claims costs by 70%! more »

1.0 MOD - Are You Average?

Chances are there are as many Wisconsin companies who have lower experience mods than yours as do higher mods. And chances are there are quite a few competitors of yours who have better mods, thus cheaper workers compensation expenses. more »


See how reductions in MOD ratings have produced dramatic improvements to our clients’ bottom lines.