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Top Ten Tips for International Travel with Students

Posted by Paul Lessila

School-Travel-OverseasTraveling overseas with students can be the experience of a lifetime, however, it can also lead to headaches when unexpected events occur. Kate Goggin, author and former Community Liaison Office Coordinator, recently wrote about the most important tips to keep in mind when planning an international trip for students. To learn more about the the 10 items below, click here to read the full article.


1. Review Health Insurance Policies, and Buy Travel and Medevac Insurance

2. Visit the Doctor at Least Six Weeks Before Departure

3. Research the Destination Country

4. Keep Copies of Passport in Separate Location – Sign it and Fill in the Emergency Information

5. Register Online with the U.S. Embassy in the Country You Will Visit

6. Assemble U.S. and Overseas Phone Numbers Before Travel

7. Ensure at Least Two Alternate Forms of Communication and Financial Access

8. Learn Basic Language Phrases and Think Globally but Act Locally for Safety Contacts

9. Mental Health Matters – Know the Phases of Culture Shock

10. Sign a Student Conduct Contract and Get Oriented


For more information about how to better prepare for a school trip, or for additional considerations, contact a Knowledge Broker at R&R Insurance.

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Ten Tips To Avoid Sexual Accusations For School District Staff

Posted by the knowledge brokers

teacherThis article gives good advice on the subject of sexual molestation. This is a district's best defense for allegations in a particular molestation event. The best way that school personnel can protect themselves against harassment and sexual abuse allegations is to avoid scenarios with students that could be inappropriate, misunderstood or misinterpreted by students or staff.

Ten Tips to Preventing Sexual Harassment or Accusations For School District Staff

  1. Never be alone with a student in your classroom, outside of the regular school day, without informing and/or seeking approval from your principal.
  2. Never be alone with a student behind a closed door; keep your classroom door open during and after school or before school meetings. If your classroom does not have a window, ask for one to be installed or meet in a more open area.
  3. Never make a habit of meeting students outside of school for a meal, coffee, soda, etc.
  4. Never counsel your students in non-academic matters. Refer students who have questions, concerns, etc. to a guidance counselor, career counselor or social worker, etc.
  5. Never transport students in your own vehicle or allow students to have access to your car.
  6. Never give students hall passes to come to your classroom on non-school-related matters.
  7. Never allow students to engage you in and do not offer advice in conversations regarding their romantic or sexual problems, concerns, fears, curiosities, etc. Don’t discuss your personal problems with students.
  8. Never entertain students in your home unless it is a school-sponsored activity. Always have other faculty present. Never suggest that a student come to your house alone or be dropped off at your home.
  9. Never make sexual comments or gestures about a student’s body, and don’t tell sexual jokes or display sexually suggestive images, videos, etc. in the classroom.
  10. Never put your hands on your student in a manner that a reasonable person could consider as inappropriate under the circumstances or suggests something sexual, intimate, physically pleasing, etc. Examples include brushing up against the body; rubbing shoulders, necks, backs; hugging; tickling; wrestling; spanking; etc.

A portion of this content was taken from PreventionLink.
District administrators should contact Bill Hattendorf with R&R Insurance for more information.

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Valuable Tips For Playground Safety Efforts

Posted by the knowledge brokers

playground safetyDan Larsen, Coordinator of Facilities and Operations with West Allis-West Milwaukee School District wrote a synopsis of playground safety January issue of the WSSCA (Wisconsin School Safety Association) that is worth your read. He also offers a few valuable links to assist with your playground safety efforts.

This ties in nicely with the upcoming Playground Safety Seminar offered through Liberty Mutual Group and Indiana Insurance. The April seminar, held in Madison, WI, is taught by certified playground safety inspectors and is free for principals, facility managers, maintenance directors and others responsible for ensuring playground safety.

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