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Smart Buildings Bring New Cyber Risks | Protect Your Business From These Exposures

Posted by Brad Stehno

TSmart Building.jpghe growing network of internet connected devices are continuously changing the way we live and work. Nowadays it is not surprising to find computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data via the internet.

To efficiently manage interior operations and decrease costs, many new constructions are now "smart" buildings in which the building's systems such as room temperature, ventilation, HVAC controls, and security systems are connected to an external network. However, with these new capabilities come a new set of threats and opportunities for hacking. This smart building equipment can be used as "backdoors" for hackers to break into the system, giving them access to confidential information. This is especially dangerous for energy
producers, health care providers, high-tech manufacturers, and government agencies. A hospital, for instance, could take a serious financial hit if a hacker were to shut down an HVAC system in an operating room. Even worse, patients could be endangered.

Although people understand the need for all-around cyber security, a large number of buildings and companies are still exposed. Reasons for this could be that cyber threats to building-control systems have not gotten as much media attention as other related risks, such as massive data breaches. Others simply may not be aware that this threat exists for a functionality as simple and ordinary as controlling room temperature.

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Topics: Technological Risks, Cyber Crime, Smart Buildings