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Employee Benefits

Use Data To Optimize Your Premium Spend.

Do you know how to use your data and other industry benchmarking to optimize your premium spend?

You don’t have to be a Fortune 100 company to gain access to your data and other benchmarking reports. Our in-house analytics experts serve as an extension of your team. We help you determine if you are overspending or underinsuring, and how competitive you are in the market. We can quickly assess if your plan is functioning the way that it was designed to, and whether your self-funded, level-funded or fully insured plan is best for your business. No more looking in the rear view mirror.

Do you know how to use your benefit program to attract and retain your employees?

A benefit understood is a benefit appreciated. Knowing how best to communicate your benefits will help employees understand their options, guide their decision making, and increase their sense of value and engagement. At R&R Insurance, we help employers brand their benefit packages in a customized fashion, aligned with the company’s culture. Communication about benefits should go well beyond open enrollment. We know how much happier, healthier and more engaged your employees will be.

Use Your Benefit Program To Attract and Retain Employees.

Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

Today's businesses have more obstacles to remain competitive than ever before. We've organized our employee benefits information into concise modules to help business owners and HR professionals operate more effectively. We've got information for you on:

Managing Costs: Plan options, self funding, reform options, analytical tools
Remain Compliant: MyWave Connect® portal, Risk Management Center
Invest in Employee Health: Wellness programs and resources
Well Comp For Life: Risk management for workers compensation and employee health rolled into one
Retain Employees: Voluntary benefits such as dental, life and vision

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