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Cyber Security in the Public Sector

Posted by Jason Navarro

City Hall in Athens, GeorgiaYou most likely heard the news story recently where a Wisconsin School District was breached and scammed out of $660,000. Yet another example of a local cyber breach making national news.

Unfortunately, Public Sectors have become an easy and frequent target for cyber hackers. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Employees continue to be the easiest breach point. Cyber criminals only need one employee to slip up, fall for the scam, and unintentionally hand over the keys to an entire network of personal information. 
  2. Less staff are present on a regular basis. The FBI and Law Enforcement have seen an increase in Public Sector groups being targeted when less staff are present, such as nights and weekends.    

Along with having the correct cyber insurance plan in place, R&R has tools and resources to help protect your business - big or small, public or private. We're able to create a custom program focused on 4 key steps:

  1. Employee training (annually)
  2. Internal IT security
  3. Banking protocols for wiring money and financial transactions
  4. Insurance to help keep the business up and running WHEN your organization experiences a cyber loss

Click here to learn more about properly protecting your business or to receive a free Cyber Insurance quote.


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Fatal Plane Crash in Tom Cruise Movie Serves as Reminder to Review Insurance Policy

Posted by Jason Navarro

tom-cruse-americanmade-trailer-screenshotA 2015 airplane crash killed two men and seriously injured a third during filming of Tom Cruise's upcoming film "American Made".  Whether flying as part of a Hollywood movie production or flying for hobby, this serves as a great reminder not only for aviation consumers but general commercial consumers as well.    

Read full article: Fatal plane crash in Tom Cruise movie leads to insurance fight

Specific to aviation insurance the article  shows why it’s so important to be a “named pilot” and not just meet the open pilot warranty. This provides the protection of insured status at that point without the possibility of an exclusion applying.  

In all types of commercial insurance it’s a good reminder of how important the following points are:  

  1. Proper risk transfer agreements (hold harmless, additional insured and waiver of subrogation)
  2. Review and confirmation that there is adequate limits of insurance with the company you have entered an agreement with.

Have questions regarding coverage on your insurance policy?  Contact a KnowledgeBroker.