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Cyber Crime on the Rise with COVID-19

Posted by Jason Navarro

Computer Bug

In this time of great uncertainty, it is more critical than ever for business owners to watch out for cyber-crime.  Unfortunately, criminals are and will be using this time to increase cyber-crime and prey on organizations as more and more people work remotely.

The following steps are simple risk mitigation tools that all organizations can spread to their teams and begin implementing immediately to help lower exposure.  We strongly urge you share these steps internally with your teams and make everyone a part of your cyber security team! 

  1. NEVER respond to emails asking for information or log on information from outside of your domain name.
  2. Be cautious every time you do enter your username and password to enter your systems and sites.  Criminals will spoof legitimate sites to trick you to log in.  Hover over the link to confirm it’s the intended destination.  
  3. Finance departments should physically call and talk on the phone or verify in person, FaceTime etc. that you can absolutely guarantee the financial transaction is not only legitimate to the correct person, correct dollar amount AND correct account number.  Read all of these back with double checks.  
  4. When in doubt, see something, say something.  Alert your management team and IT team immediately, if you suspect any mischievous cyber activity.   
  5. Activate your Cyber Crime continuity plan or make sure one is being built and in place.  

One IT step to greatly help alert your team and users, if possible.  

  • Work with your IT vendor or IT team to implement an “external” email banner/tag on all emails generated from outside of your organization. This is a great security step and tool to use to help mitigate outside actors from tricking or deceiving your employees.  

We are here to help with questions and options during this time!   Stay Safe!