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Wisconsin Manufacturers and Their “Total Cost of Risk”

Posted by TJ Schlundt



Over the past several years the manufacturing sector has been challenged with supply chain issues, labor shortages, state sponsored hacking, potential for a recession and many more. Because of certain economic and social impacts, manufacturers have been forced to look at their companies “Total Cost of Risk” in a whole different light.

A company’s Total Cost of Risk is a sum of an organization’s operations that relate to risk, including, but not limited to:

  • Direct & indirect loss costs
    • Direct costs include deductibles or uncovered losses whereas indirect costs include loss of use, lost productivity, and lost contracts due to not fulfilling orders
  • Administrative expenses and services
    • These are clerical, claim, and other administrative personnel costs to find, implement and manage the businesses risk management systems, programs, and claim incidents
  • Risk control expenses
    • Risk control are costs measures to prevent or reduce the size of accidental losses. Money spent on risk control can greatly reduce the other three parts of the total cost of risk.
  • Insurance premiums, taxes and fees
    • Typical insurance coverages including property, liability, workers compensation, etc.

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