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Virtual Meeting Considerations for 2021

Posted by Taylor Almonte-Hahn


While many are still facing remote employment, it is important to begin and/or continue executing effective virtual meetings. One item employers are struggling with is the interaction component within virtual meetings.

Employees are reporting feeling isolated and neglected. Most of us are social creatures and rely on interaction throughout the day. It is easy to make Zoom presentations very one sided. The manager acknowledges the group, addresses the key points and the meeting concludes. Well, employees may be multi-tasking in the background and not really even paying attention. Content is getting lost in translation. However, there are several virtual meeting considerations in order to successfully engage staff in order to adopt a learning and sharing mentality.

Below are some ways you can open the meeting:

  • An ice breaker
  • Share a win or polling question
  • Play a round of trivia
  • Start with a stretch break
  • Complete a show and tell by getting a household item

There are plenty of non-traditional openers you could start a meeting with—by not going straight to business employees will begin to feel more inclusive and with any luck reduce the feelings of being neglected and isolated. Other ways to combat Zoom fatigue are by scheduling shorter meetings, having a simple screen layout, walk and talk when acceptable, rotate meeting leaders and create a theme.

Topics: Wellness