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Next Exit: Flu Season

Posted by Taylor Hahn


Fall is right around the corner, so that means you may be considering how to promote the flu shot to your employees. Just like last year, flu symptoms are very similar to COVID symptoms; receiving a flu shot could save lives and resources. Not to mention, having healthy employees benefits the company since sick time is significantly reduced. While the flu season is unpredictable, you shouldn't take any chances. Consider hosting an onsite clinic or promoting employees to visit an in-network pharmacy/provider. Either way, education on the flu shot is very important.

Sending email blasts, showcasing posters around the office, even a direct mail reminder with specific steps on how to obtain a flu shot will be beneficial to communicate to your employees. That way, it takes the guess work out of the research for the employee. If you're interested in hosting an onsite clinic, feel free to contact our Strategic Wellbeing Consultant to begin the facilitation process; keep in mind that the minimum participation ranges vary from 25-50 participants. 

Lastly, common myths employees have about the flu shot vary from the flu vaccine will make you sick, vaccines aren't safe, the flu isn't bad, etc. Consider promoting this Get the Facts flyer to your employees in time for flu season.

If you are interested in discussing wellness programming further please reach out to our Strategic Wellbeing Consultant, Taylor Hahn.


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