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July is UV Safety Awareness Month

Posted by Taylor Hahn

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July is UV Safety Awareness Month. As we bask in the warmth of the summer sun, it's crucial to remember the potential dangers that come with excessive exposure to UV rays. While the sunshine brings us joy and vitamin D, it's essential to protect our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Premature aging and skin cancer are serious health concerns that can arise from prolonged sun exposure. 

So, while you enjoy the great outdoors this summer, remember to prioritize UV safety and take the necessary precautions to safeguard your skin and overall health. 

To delve deeper into this topic, watch this month's Taylor Talks video, where we explore the importance of UV safety and how to protect you and your family.

Watch this month's video here.

Reach out to our experienced Strategic Wellbeing Consultant, Taylor Hahn, to discuss the next steps. Many of our other employer groups have found this approach to be incredibly successful.


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