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Speed Skater Apolo Ohno Used To Keep His Medals in His Sock Drawer!

Posted by Resource Center

Sochi_MedalsInsuring precious metal - like gold or silver - is one thing, but when it's cast into a priceless Olympic medal, and won with the dedication of a supreme athlete - it's a different story. Luckily, Olympian's today are covered by a special policy for the Olympic athletes - in case their medals are lost or stolen, but that protection hasn't always been there. Many Olympians have had their medals stolen, or damaged in transport from one speaking enagagement to another.

Based on the amounts of precious metals used in the Olympic medals, a gold medal would be worth about $632, a silver medal $367, and a bronze medal less than $5.

Speed skater Apolo Ohno used to keep his eight medals in a sock drawer! Precious Medals: Olympians treasure their trophies (and dread having them stolen).

If you do have something as precious as an Olympic medal, how do you insure it?

If you own something that is irreplaceable like an Olympic medal, you would want to schedule it under your homeowners policy with an “other” category.

You and the insurance company will need to come to some sort of “agreed value” for the object. You would need to provide a complete description and most likely a photo of the object you want to insure. It is highly suggested that you also review your schedules with your knowledgebroker on a yearly basis.

Wisconsin residents, for more information about your homeowner’s policy or special coverages for your priceless items, contact a knowledgebroker today.

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R&R Insurance Services, Inc. Honored with Well Workplace Award by Wellness Councils of America

Posted by Resource Center

WWP Award GoldWaukesha, WI -- The Wellness Council of America, (WELCOA), with local affiliate Wellness Council of Wisconsin, recently presented its coveted Gold Well Workplace to R&R Insurance Services. R&R Insurance Services has 4 locations and more than 160 employees. The Gold Well Workplace Award recognizes an organization for its commitment to the health and well-being of their employees.

By achieving the Gold Well Workplace Award, R&R Insurance Services has made a long-lasting commitment to the health and well-being of its employees. As stated by WELCOA President David Hunnicutt, “There is an art and science to designing a results-oriented workplace wellness program. R&R Insurance Services has mastered this art and science by demonstrating its program has advanced employee health, reduced health care costs, and improved productivity and morale. Great companies know that by improving their employees’ health, they can reduce health care costs.”

R&R Insurance Services has been promoting wellness in the workplace for both their employees and their clients well before wellness in the workplace was popular. R&R’s historical progression of improving the health, welfare and lives of their employees has proven to have a direct impact on the company’s health insurance premiums. R&R has a well-established Wellness Committee, weekly wellness activities, and strong commitment from every level of management within the company.

“R&R Insurance Services has truly earned the distinction of America’s Healthiest Companies. R&R’s commitment to improve the quality of life of its employees has placed them in the elite ranks of the state of Wisconsin’s healthiest companies,” states Jessica Raddemann, Wellness Council of Wisconsin Executive Director. 

More information about wellness programs with R&R Insurance.

R&R Insurance Services, Inc. has served the insurance needs of southeastern Wisconsin since 1975. Today, R&R is Wisconsin’s largest singly owned independent insurance agency offering businesses and individuals a full range of insurance products including property casualty, employee benefits, workers compensation, liability, life, dental and home/auto. R&R is also a shareholder with Assurex Global, a worldwide network of leading independent insurance agencies. For information about R&R Insurance Services, visit R&R online at www.myknowledgebroker.com.

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Indemnity Clause Sinks Riley Construction's Case

Posted by Resource Center

With all the complex contracts that general contractors have, it was something as simple as field training that determined liability in a recent $1 million injury settlement. The Kenosha-based construction company had all the right risk-transfer controls in place. The risk-transfer part of the contract worked perfectly. It's the lack of training in the field - proper construction of scafolding - that utlimately determined fault.

This goes to show that not only do contractors need to concentrate heavily on contractual risk transfer, they also need to make job-site safety, creating a safe work environment, and proper training a #1 priority as well.

Qualifying subcontractors and certificate review are two of the many ways we help contractors understand their insurance exposures. At R&R Insurance Services, our experience and solid reputation in the construction industry are what our general and sub contractors rely on for understanding the insurance exposures and their contractual risk transfer options. We also assist with every level of training to create a culture of safety for all aspects of their business.

R&R is one of the top writers of construction insurance programs in the State of Wisconsin. For more information on contractual risk transfer, job site safety, workers compensation or creating a culture of safety, please contact knowledgebroker Jamie Vanderveldt.

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R&R Insurance Services, Inc. Welcomes Josh Timm as Account Executive

Posted by Resource Center

Josh TimmWaukesha, WI -- R&R Insurance Services, Inc. welcomes Josh Timm as Account Executive. Timm has more than ten years of insurance industry experience.

Timm has held multiple sales, marketing and service positions with various insurance carriers including Wausau, Philadelphia Insurance Companies and Sentry Insurance. Most recently, Timm was with The Hanover Insurance Group as a Small Commercial Sales Manager responsible for working closely with Wisconsin agencies to enhance their service offerings and grow their business.

Timm will be concentrating on building a book of business within the technology and manufacturing arenas – specifically in the South and Central part of the state of Wisconsin. “Josh’s background strength in technological risks will bode well for customers with significant exposure in this area.”, “Cyber Liability, Data Breaches, Cyber Extortion and Electronic Data Liability are just a few of the ever-increasing risks businesses face today, and Josh’s experience in this realm will be a true asset for R&R and for businesses in Wisconsin.” states Frank Maurer, Executive Vice President of Commercial Lines for R&R Insurance Services. “We are excited to have Josh on board and look forward to increasing our book of business in Southeastern and Central Wisconsin.”

Timm holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Originally from Oregon, Wisconsin, Timm lives in Oregon and is an active member of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Oregon Youth Athletics.

R&R Insurance Services, Inc. has served the insurance needs of southeastern Wisconsin since 1975. Today, R&R is Wisconsin’s largest singly owned independent insurance agency offering businesses and individuals a full range of insurance products including property casualty, employee benefits, workers compensation, liability, life, dental and home/auto. R&R is also a shareholder with Assurex Global, a worldwide network of leading independent insurance agencies.

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Ghostbusters and Poltergeists | Scary Movie Scenes and Their Coverages

Posted by Resource Center

GhostBWhat if your boat was attacked by a shark? What if your home becomes possessed by ghosts or demons? We all know that the movies are far-fetched and mostly fictional. There are some instances, however, where the story is based on historical facts. With it being Halloween week, we asked ourselves if some of these scenarios are viable. Taking scenarios from movies, we did a little digging to determine if the incident or damage would be covered under a homeowner's insurance policy. Of course you would have to refer to your own policy or independent agent to determine coverage in any of these circumstances. Here’s what we found:

Jaws (1975): Assuming that you have your boat insured on a watercraft or homeowners policy. If your boat was attacked by a shark and it consequently sank as a result, we would surmise that this would be covered and that your boat and its contents would be replaced - subject to your deductible. This is also assuming that you were not renting your boat to someone, or using the boat for “business” as is the case in the movie. This may be a good time to speak with your agent about life, health and disability insurance.

Amityville Horror (1979): If your home was overrun by flies, the cost to exterminate and remove the flies is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. The same goes for damage done by rats, squirrels, or other rodents. Insurance companies see these types of things as the homeowners' responsibility to maintain, and don't cover them in most cases.

Frankenstein (1931): Since the experiments were performed outside the home, in an abandoned watch tower, the damages done to the lab would not be subject to a homeowners policy. A P&C or businessowners policy would be needed to cover the "work". Knowing the resulting product – Frankenstein himself, there is a sure bet that there would be a product liability issue.

The Shining (1980): This home is actually an Inn, which would be insured under a businessowners policy. If the business owner were to break down his own door with an axe, this would be considered an intentional act by the named insured and not covered by the policy. If committed by someone other than an insured, it would be covered as vandalism and malicious mischief.

Poltergeist (1982): There are several damage issues in this film that would need to be addressed. First, if your home was intentionally or unintentionally built on an unmarked graveyard you would not have any coverage assistance for changing your location. Homeowner's policies do not cover land. Secondly, if a tree falls on your house due to Windstorm, Hail, Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet - the damage would be covered up to stated limits in the policy. Third, if your home completely disappears into a vast void of nothingness, this would most likely be classified as "settling or shrinking" and therefore would not be covered under your homeowner's policy. The “mysterious disappearance” clause would not apply in this situation!

The Exorcist (1973): If someone slips and falls on your property, say for instance down a flight of stairs, the medical expenses, missed paychecks, pain and suffering would be covered under Premises Liability. Premise Liability covers the legal responsibility that property owners have for injuries that occur on their property due to slip and fall accidents.

Halloween (1978): In many cases, homeowners insurance will cover the cost to clean up after a trauma, homicide or accidental death. It is not the responsibility of Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS or Medical Examiners to clean up after an incident.

The Purge (2013): As stated above, clean up services are most likely covered, subject to your deductible. Side note: If you have a very expensive, or out-of-the ordinary, security system on your home, you should have this appraised and itemized on your homeowner's insurance policy.

Ghostbusters (1984): Any damage caused by a paranormal extermination service, such as green slim, should be covered by the exterminator's liability policy assuming the damage occurred as a result of the services that they performed. Additionally, any marshmallow fluff falling from the sky would be covered under "objects falling from the sky", and therefore clean-up for your home after a Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man explosion would be insured.

These again are unlikely scenarios dreamt up by the movie industry. We sincerely hope that none of this happens to anyone, and that you would never even have to research the topic. We are just a little poking fun at the movies.

Wisconsin residents, if you would like information about insuring your home, your boat, your business or your own little Ghostbusters, please contact a knowledgebroker and we'll be happy to help.


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Roofing Scam Hitting Wisconsin Residents

Posted by Resource Center

Wisconsin residents beware: Roofing scams have been blanketing local areas. Anyone soliciting business door to door for this type of work is most likely a SCAM!

Storm chasers have been known to blanket an area hit by hail or wind damage and look for unsuspecting homeowners. They’ll pass out leaflets, show up unannounced, and offer a free inspection. The scammers know the claims process with insurance companies, and based on the square footage of the roof, they can figure out how much it will cost to put on a cheap new roof. The catch is that the storm chaser does the bare minimum to replace the roof and usually pushes the homeowner to move forward with the repairs before the insurance company has a chance to inspect the damage.

The homeowner is then left with a poorly constructed roof and a claim that potentially could be denied by the insurance company..

Precautionary Steps Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor:

  • Research the roofing company
  • Insurance companies should inspect damage BEFORE work begins
  • Ask for qualifications - they should be an accredited company - not just show logos of the products they use which is what this flyer also shows
  • If you do need a new roof, shop around for at least 3 quotes to ensure you are getting the best price and service
  • Do NOT provide money upfront - they may say it is needed to purchase supplies but it is all part of the scam

Wisconsin residents looking for help contacting your insurance company, please contact a knowledgebroker before beginning any repairs.

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Insuring Animal Skulls, Ornaments, and Collectibles

Posted by Resource Center

Animal_SkullOver the years, R&R Insurance has been asked to insure some pretty unusual things, and for the most part, our carriers are able to accommodate these "special requests". Here are a few of the items that we are proud to insure for our Wisconsin residents:

  • Animal Skull Collection
  • Wild Animal Mounts
  • Perfume Bottle Collection
  • Hat Pin Collection
  • Toy Soldier Collection
  • Old World Christmas Ornament Collection
  • Collection of Lincoln Items

Insuring items like these requires a rider that accompanies your homeowners policy to basically insure the contents of the collection for the established value.

One interesting request we had been to insure a party wagon and tractor that was to be ridden from Dodge County to Lambeau Field for a Packers game. We didn't end up writing this insurance because of excess liability involved with a "party" wagon. Still, our agents get a kick out of the interesting, and sometimes outrageous, requests they get!


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InsuranceForTanningSalons.com is the Answer for Tanning Salon Insurance Non-Renewals

Posted by Resource Center

Tan5Recently, a large tanning insurance provider Thomco (Thompson Insurance Enterprises) chose to exit the tanning salon insurance marketplace. This leaves hundreds of tanning salon owners without insurance coverage for their tanning salon when their policy expires.

R&R Insurance Services, operator of www.InsuranceForTanningSalons.com is accepting applications for tanning salon insurance from any tanning salon in the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. A simple form gets the quote process started with a Tanning Insurance Specialist.

Customized Tanning Salon Insurance Program is designed with specialty coverages for sun tanning salons, including spray-on and air-brush tanning. Key elements of this insurance coverage for tanning salons includes:

get-a-quote-buttonGeneral Liability:

  • Limits up to $1 million occurrence/$3 million aggregate
  • Automatically includes Professional Liability
  • Medical Payments coverage of $10,000 per person
  • Cancer/Long Term Skin Damage included at policy limits
  • Employees as automatic insureds
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fire Legal Liability - $200,000
  • Building Owner as Additional Insured
  • BOP Plus Pak
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Optional coverages:
    • Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage
    • Employee Benefit Coverage
    • Employment Practices Liability

Umbrella Coverage:

  • Umbrella limits up to $10,000,000

Property Coverage:

  • Replacement cost of buildings and contents
  • Business Income and Extra Expense on an ALS basis
  • Crime coverage: Money & Securities $15,000 Inside/$7,000 Outside
  • Sign and glass coverage
  • Law and Ordinance
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage

www.InsuranceForTanningSalons.com offers a quick, easy application process, payment options and additional optional coverages. Call any of our knowledgeable Tanning Salon Insurance Representatives for a no-obligation quote or consultation. 262-953-7200.

Important Note For Tanning Salon Owners: No new business quotes will be accepted by Thomco, and all active policies will remain in effect until the expiration date. At expiration, tanning salon owners will receive a non-renewal notice in the mail. When you receive this notice - please contact R&R Insurance: www.insurancefortanningsalons.com or 262-953-7200.

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Ken Riesch Honored as Potawatomi Area Council Boy Scouts' 2013 Distinguished Citizen Award Recipient

Posted by Resource Center

Ken Riesch, Owner of R&R Insurance Services, was honored with the 2013 Distinguished Citizen Award by the Potawatomi Area Council Boy Scouts. The award banquet was held on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at the Country Springs Hotel in Delafield, WI.Ken Riesch and Family

Troop 5 Boy Scouts of the First Presbyterian Church in Waukesha were on hand for the color guard and Pledge of Allegiance, with Joanne Blaesing of Marine Bank as MC. Friends, family and R&R employees were present to acknowledge Ken's tremendous commitment to the community and the honor code of The Boy Scouts, and to celebrate this great achievement.

Kevin Steiner of West Bend Mutual Insurance, and Jack Riesch of R&R Insurance Services gave heartfelt tributes to Ken, calling out his leadership and commitment to family as key components of Ken's admirable character.

Dan Vrakas and Ken RieschDan Vrakas, Waukesha County Executive, presented Ken with the Distinguished Citizen Award, citing additional acknowledgment of Ken's achievements by Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker.

Congratulations to Ken Riesch for this wonderful achievement. We are all so proud to have you as our leader, and are humbled by your commitment and generosity to the community and the families of R&R Insurance Services.


Topics: Potawatomi Area Council Boy Scouts, Dan Vrakas, Waukesha County Executive, Kevin Steiner of West Bend Mutual Insurance, Jack Riesch of R&R Insurance Services, Joanne Blaesing of Marine Bank, Distinguished Citizen Award, 2013 Distinguished Citizen Award

Self-Insurance Guide for Self Insuring Your Health Insurance

Posted by Resource Center

CTA-Self-Insurance-Guide-1With the onset of The Affordable Care Act (PPACA), many small employers will see their costs rise, despite successful efforts to encourage healthy habits and smart consumer choices - just another reason why smaller employers are taking matters into their own hands and self-funding. (Actually the healthier your employees, the better off your plan will be if you self-insure...here's why.)

At R&R Insurance, we get weekly inquiries about self-funding or self-insuring health insurance for their employees. This is a very hot topic right now, and we are here to help. This Self-Insurance Guide covers the basics of self insuring your company's health insurance. Download your Self-Insurance Guide here.

Recent articles about self-funding:

3 Guidelines driving small employers to self-funding
Health Benefits Continue to Be Key for Employers Despite Obamacare
How to Get, or Keep, Health Insurance if You Are Self Employed
Self-Insurance is a Loophole for Small Businesses

R&R is well versed in the self funded options available to small groups and has first hand experience transitioning small employers to partially self funded and self funded options. For more information about self funding your health insurance, contact a knowledgebroker today!

Topics: Employee Benefits, Health Reform, Business Insurance, Self Funded Health Insurance, WellCompForLife