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Is Your Company At Risk Of An IRS Penalty?

Posted by Pete Frittitta

IRSDid you know that $4.5 billion in Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate penalties were assessed by the IRS for the first assessment year alone (2015)? It is expected that by 2026, over $228 billion in penalties will have been assessed. This summer, the IRS began sending Letters 226-J for proposed 2017 ACA employer mandate penalties. Additionally, the IRS is increasing efforts to identify potential non-filers via Letter 5699.

One in every six large employers is currently at risk for compliance action by the IRS regarding the ACA penalties.

This is a reality and the fines can be significant!  R&R Insurance provides evaluations and reconciliations for clients.  However this is a constantly evolving process.  In fact, we helped one client avoid a $118,213.26 penalty with our proven process.  Read more here.

For more information regarding Letter 226-J, you can refer to our previous blog here.

For more information regarding Letter 5699, you can refer to our previous blog here.

[Note: The ACA requires applicable large employers (ALEs) to offer affordable, minimum value health coverage to their fulltime employees or pay a penalty. This employer mandate provision is also known as the “employer shared responsibility” or “pay or play” rules. An ALE is only liable for a pay or play penalty if one or more of its full-time employees receive a subsidy for coverage through the Marketplace/Exchange.]

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