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The Dangers of Science Lab Experiments | Safety in Chemistry Labs

Posted by Paul Lessila

In early January 2014, two New York high school students suffered severe burns from a plume of fire that shot across their high school chemistry lab during an experiment called "The Rainbow Experiment". The dangers of highly explosive materials in high school science labs and this unfortunate recent event is a perfect segway to highlight the efforts of Amanda Gilman, Chemistry Teacher at Menomonee Falls High School in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and Chemical Hygiene Officer for the district.

Amanda's procedures in the classroom, inventory control, and safety precautions have been recognized as some of the best safety precautions used in schools today. Her unique inventory control methods help keep students and faculty safe. In this quick interview, Amanda discusses some of the techniques she uses in her chemistry lab, as well as the knowledge she gains through R&R Insurance - the provider of insurance for the Menomonee Falls School District and dozens of other schools throughout Wisconsin.



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More on the traumatic science experiment that severely burned 2 high school students in New York on January 2, 2014.


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