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Scary Lawsuits: Halloween More About Tricks than Treats

Posted by Scott Brookes

Trick-or-treating, costume parties, bonfires, and visiting haunted houses, are all part of Halloween traditions; typically all are done in lighthearted, fun fashion.  As we all know, accidents happen we least expect.  Propertycasualty360.com has compiled a list of "5 Bizarre Halloween Lawsuits" - you may think you are reading the script of a horror film except these are real life stories!

Business owners need a heightened awareness to protect themselves and consumers during this festive season.  Halloween is also the start of seasonal part-time hiring.  These seasonal employees are great temporary help, however if injured on the job it can have long term workers compensation affects.

At home, some tips to keep trick-or-treating safe and fun for everyone.

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