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New Environmental Insurance Requirements- Portugal, Spain, and Others to come

Posted by Scott Brookes

For many years, R&R Insurance has been a member of Assurex Global. Through this partnership, we have relationships with other similar insurance agencies in all 50 states, and in 90 countries. As one of the members of R&R's International Team, we will post emerging insurance topics related to other countries in this blog. Currently, we do have clients with locations here in the Midwest, but also have brick-and-mortar in other countries like China, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and others. In addition, we also have many clients that have exposures related to import/export with other countries as well.

This article was sent to us by our friends at Assurex Global in case we have clients with operations in Spain or Portugal:

Spain and Portugal Make Environmental Liability Insurance/Guarantees a Requirement

If you are an Employer with physical operations in Spain or Portugal, this environmental liability update provided by Chartis will offer some useful background information. It also shows other European countries that will face these requirements over the next few years.

The article is from Chartis, but there are other carriers besides Chartis that can offer this coverage. If you are concerned about this environmental compliance, we would be happy to coordinate a conference call between your company and one of our Assurex partners in Spain or Portugal.



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