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An Intern’s Take on the World of R&R Insurance

Posted by Emily Curtis

When I first applied to become an HR Intern at R&R Insurance, I hoped I would be considered for the position. When I interviewed a few weeks later, the position looked even more promising. As I walked through the office halls to my interview, I immediately felt the cohesive vibe, and was anxious to become a part of this organization. The office aura flowed with productivity and friendliness.

As I sat in the lobby prior to my interview, I noticed R&R had many accolades decorating their walls, and I was astounded. I always knew it seemed like a great place to work, but these awards showed that the employees here thought so too. It wasn’t until after I got home from my first day of work that I fully understood why this company had achieved so many awards. R&R employs quality people who care for each other and the company they work for. If employees are happy and devoted to the work they do, then the company will flourish from the inside out, just as R&R has done successfully for many years.

On my short drive to the office for my first day, I didn’t feel as nervous as I expected I might, and looking back, I think it was because the members of R&R are so compassionate and welcoming. Although I undoubtedly wandered around looking like a lost puppy, the other people in the office – my new co-workers – wasted no time in coming up to me and introducing themselves. Their smiles made me feel comforted in this new environment.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern at R&R because it provides me with a view into the internal workings of a prosperous and lively company. Since I have only just finished my first year at UW-Madison, I have never been on the inside of a company before. I am so thankful my first experience in the working world has been in a place where I don’t feel like a lowly intern, but instead a valued employee. All of the employees I’ve met so far have included me on the little things, like a discussion at lunch or snacks for a retirement celebration. Each one of these actions demonstrates the inclusiveness that I’m sure every employee feels when they become a part of the R&R family.

I have learned so much more than I expected I would, and my time here is not over. I have learned that each employee is a part of the bigger picture and is necessary to guarantee that the company runs smoothly. No job is irrelevant, and each employee is valued. I have learned that working hard doesn’t always mean working quickly, but rather diligently to make sure that the tiny details are correct. Lastly, I have learned that the character of the company is a reflection of the employees working within, and that the entire company needs to have an atmosphere that is simultaneously friendly and productive. The leaders and managers of a company are only as strong as the people they employ. I can confidently say that I have witnessed a cohesive connection between all employees here and I know that R&R will continue on their path to even more success in the future.  

About the author: Emily is an R&R Insurance intern learning about the insurance industry through HR and Marketing experiences.


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