Loss Control Services

Effective loss control begins with our expert knowledge. R&R Insurance offers services to effectively lower the potential risk in your workplace and in your business practices. Our dedicated Resource Team does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach regarding Loss Control services.  We will review your loss experience, safety programs, and management commitment and accountability.  We'll then partner with you and your insurance carrier to provide "High Impact" loss control activities focused on reducing your costs by reducing claims. 

Loss Control Services

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach regarding loss control. By reviewing your loss experience, safety programs and management commitment, we’ll be able to provide high impact loss control activities focused on reducing your costs and protecting your employees. Our services are designed for customization based on your unique operations and needs.

Carrier Quoting, Tracking, Future Development

We’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the best quotes from your carriers. To prepare for the quoting process, we’ll perform a mock carrier inspection that emphasizes common focus points. In many cases, our mutual careful preparation will result in more active competition among carriers for your account – rather than mildly competitive quotes.

Fewer losses translate to lower costs. That's why it's important to stay informed on current risk management and safety issues. Contact our Loss Control Specialist today!


Loss Control - Property

Property Service

Covering all aspects of a building from construction, occupancy, protections and external, our experts will be with you every step of the way. We think of it all: sprinkler design, analysis, testing and maintenance, inspection of paint booths, ovens, other hot processes, hot work, dip tanks, computer rooms, flammable liquid storage, handling and transfer methods, etc. These so-called “special hazards” are a focus of carrier property visits and will be a focus of your R&R Insurance team.

Machine Safeguarding

We’ll conduct a survey of your plant equipment to determine if existing guarding will adequately meet current OSHA standards. Our in-depth analysis will cover all types of equipment, from typical power presses, press brakes, shears, roll farmers and ironworkers to customized equipment. Afterwards, we can present a seminar on techniques you can use to provide further machine safeguarding.

Is Your Sprinkler System Costing you Money?

Are all sprinkler systems created “equal”? Unfortunately, the answer is NO!!! more >>


Loss Control - Fleet

Our loss control staff can evaluate your fleet and recommend controls that can be put in place to reduce your risk to loss. Recommendations will result in better fleet controls using MVRs, accident review committee, fleet criteria for preventable/non-preventable accidents, certificates of insurance for personal use for company business, spousal usage etc. We’ll also cover fleet policy rules such as cell phone usage, seatbelts and recommendation on how to eliminate less-than-desirable road behaviors.

We offer seminars on workers' compensation, construction boot camp, ergonomics and contractual risk transfer.

What is Negligent Entrustment of a Vehicle and why should I care?

If you provide company vehicles, or have employees driving their vehicles on company business, this would apply to you! Did you know an employer may be held liable for entrusting a motor vehicle to an employee, if the employer has knowledge that the driver is incompetent, reckless, or inexperienced?

Your Automobile Liability Insurance does NOT cover a Negligent Entrustment of a vehicle lawsuit. There are controls that you can put in place to protect your company. Fill out the form below to learn more about negligent entrustment of a vehicle and how to protect your company.

Loss Control - Workers Compensation

Our work comp processes stress the importance of communication at all levels and the understanding of what drives your work comp premiums. Education and consulting are key elements of our commitment to you to try to lower your mod and improve your entire workers compensation program. Effectively manage your workers compensation costs while improving your bottom-line by attending our free seminar. We work to lower your premiums by:

  • Evaluating your current and potential MOD factors
  • Regularly assessing the safety of your job sites
  • Developing an early return-to-work program
  • Conducting safety surveys
  • Creating a safety culture
  • Educating your foreman and supervisors
  • Determine premium impact on lost time vs. medical only claims
  • Work comp claims consulting
  • Work comp claims kits
  • Client advocation
  • Litigated work comp claim analysis
  • Settlement negotiation support
  • Reserve analysis & reduction
  • Supervisor & management workers compensation training
  • Accident investigation
  • Medical relations rapport
  • Prompt reporting training

Loss Control - OSHA

Safety & Health Evaluations

Generally presented as a trial OSHA inspection, we’ll cover all aspects of written management safety and health programs including programs mandated by OSHA. This service includes a thorough physical hazards facility inspection. Our report will offer recommendations and can be used as a dynamic document to improve safety and health going-forward. As part of the program, we’ll audit your OSHA 300 log of work-related injuries with particular attention on “over-reporting” of injuries which can dramatically drive up accident rates and trigger unnecessary and unwanted inspections. This program has been highly successful in developing effective action plans that meet compliance and reduce losses. Contact us about how a trial OSHA inspection would work for you.

Putting too much on the OSHA 300 log can hurt you

Did you know that putting too much on the OSHA 300 log can definitely hurt you? If OSHA calculates your accident rates using the information in the log, your rates will be artificially inflated compared to your peers, and therefore you will be flagged for inspection. Fill out the form below to receive some helpful information about what to put on your OSHA 300 log.