Contractual Risk Transfer

As a general contractor, your #1 liability exposure lies with the contractual arrangements you have with your subs. Formalizing the risk transfer process with your subcontractors can have a huge impact on your exposure. 

How do you distinguish which contractual endorsement to ask for?
Do you have the right contracts in place? Would you know if you didn’t?

As a construction insurance agency, our solid reputation and experience in the industry are what more general contractors and sub contractors rely on for understanding their contractual risk transfer options.

Qualifying subcontractors and certificate review are just two of the many ways we can help you with this exposure.

Have more questions about contractual risk transfer? We know where the red flags are in your contracts. Do you?

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Review of construction contracts:

  • Insurance requirements
  • Indemnification agreements

Contractual Risk Transfer training for clients:

  • Common construction insurance requirements 
  • Additional insured endorsements 
  • Contractual liability coverage 
  • Distinguishing among different indemnification agreements 
  • Drafting a “Contract Review Template” 
  • Contract reviews – case examples

Formalizing the risk transfer process with subcontractors:

  • Establishing insurance requirements of subcontractors 
  • Qualifying subcontractors 
  • Establish subcontractor certificate review process 
  • Subcontract agreements/change orders


"Every contractor should evaluate their contractual risk transfer process. It's critically important to manage the risks associated with hiring subcontractors to control costs and look favorable to insurance carriers. We could not have successfully implemented a contractual risk transfer process without the help and support of Tom Scheider."

Staff Electric Company, Inc.

"In completing the training, our goal was to improve our contract liability awareness and management - controlling risk to our company. Tom Scheider's training was an excellent platform to update and educate our management team on what to look for in contractual liability, options to transfer liability out of contracts and how to better manage risk."

Visu-Sewer Clean & Seal, Inc.