Voluntary Group Vision Insurance

Incorporating a vision plan into your voluntary employee benefits program can be a high-value, low-cost way to help you better meet your company's objectives of managing benefit costs, increasing employee productivity, and attracting and retaining talent.

Vision benefits are valued by employees and do more to address employee health and productivity than just correcting vision problems and treating eye diseases.

Vision plans can range from simple and inexpensive discount programs to more comprehensive reimbursement plans.

Here are some insites into vision insurance products for your employees:

Generation Y
Ages: 18-31
Generation X
Ages: 32 - 47
Ages: 48 - 66
 Needs:  Needs:  Needs:
  • Fashionable designer eyewear at discount prices;30 affordable annual eye exams – necessary at any age to maintain healthy eyesight
  • 47% are interested in purchasing at work
  • Annual eye exams for the entire family to identify refractive conditions (so kids can see well in school) and diagnose presbyopia
  • Affordable frames and lens options for active children
  • Shop at convenient locations and times, e.g. malls
  • 38% are interested in purchasing at work
  • Affordable annual eye exams that can help with early diagnosis of age-related cataracts and macular degeneration
  • Discounts on corrective lens including multifocal lenses for both close up computer work and driving as well as options like progressive lenses
  • 25% are interested in purchasing at work
Suggested Coverages: Suggested Coverages: Suggested Coverages:
  • Choice of top designer brands
  • Savings on total costs – premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses
  • Discounts for frames and lens options (like polycarbonate for sports or Transition® lenses for inside and outside)
  • Choice of services providers (optometrists, ophthalmologists)
  • See the eye doctor of choice including office practitioners with long personal association
  • Savings on the total costs – premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses