We’ll help you develop a formal ergonomics program including ergonomic training, evaluations, loss investigations, engineering and administrative controls - even medical surveillance if desired. On-site assessments usually involve the use of a video or digital camera to train for proper ergonomic activity.

Ergonomic evaluations can identify specific problem areas that are the root causes of your higher claims or recurring claims.

At R&R Insurance, we provide on-site assessments of your workplace—to identify, evaluate, and correct potential ergonomic risk factors. We will work with your management team to build a process that targets ergonomic areas affecting your bottom line.

Full ergonomic programs are a commitment of time and resources on behalf of both you and R&R Insurance.

Learn why Motion is Money!

Unnecessary motion is costing you money not only from increased injuries but also in efficiency! Did you know that by simply moving a pallet from the floor to waist height, you are saving the time needed to repetitively reach down to floor level? This can be easily calculated and when you express the total over a year’s time, it can often be very significant. Did you know that ergonomic injuries account for more than half of all workers’ compensation claims?

There are controls that you can put in place to reduce injuries and improve efficiency. Fill out the form below to receive a detailed list of suggestions to improve the ergonomics within your environment.