Voluntary Group Accident Insurance

Group accident insurance is a simple way to provide employees added protection to meet their individual needs, without increasing benefits costs to the employer. It is designed to complement existing medical coverage and help narrow gaps caused by out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-payments, and non-covered medical services.

Despite having medical coverage, many people are not adequately prepared for the out-of-pocket expenses that result from an accident. Here are some insights into Accident insurance products for your employees:


Generation Y
Ages: 18-31
Generation X
Ages: 32 - 47
Ages: 48 - 66
 Needs:  Needs:  Needs:
  • 65% live paycheck-to-paycheck. Need a safety net to bridge gaps between medical coverage and limited savings in the event of accident expenses
  • At risk for sports injuries, bicycle accidents, and auto accidents
  • Only 49% have any disability insurance to replace lost income if unable to work due to accident or injury
  • A family safety net to meet unexpected accident-related expenses that might strain emergency funds
  • Likely to have children in age groups that are prone to accidents, especially broken bones, bicycle accidents, sports and playground injuries
  • Supplement basic life insurance to protect family
  • Protect retirement savings against the risk of out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Predictable and affordable premiums with no age-related rate increases
  • At risk of back and knee injuries and falls
Suggested Coverages: Suggested Coverages: Suggested Coverages:
  • Portable coverage
  • Prompt reimbursement
  • Coverage for hospital admission and ER visits



  • Dependent coverage
  • Broad range of covered conditions, including fractures and ER treatment
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Simple underwriting and portable coverage
  • Wide range of covered treatments including physical therapy, and hospital admission
  • Accidental death benefit