Return-to-work programs reduce WC claims costs by 70%

Effective return-to-work programs have been identified as one of the key elements necessary to contain and reduce the cost of workers compensation. By implementing modified duty programs and preventing claims from being lost time, you will reduce your workers compensation claims costs by 70%!

Almost half of all U.S. businesses don’t have a formal return-to-work program. Do you have one in place?

We have a Return-to-Work form that can help get you started. Fill out the form below and we’ll email you our Return-to-Work form. At R&R Insurance Services, we know the value of an early return-to-work program and therefore are committed to helping our clients bring injured workers back to work as soon as is safely possible. Our Resource Center works with our clients to create return-to-work programs or improve existing ones. Implementing a return-to-work program is a great step toward reducing your workers compensation claims and premiums. Fill out the form below, and we’ll show you how!