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>> January 27, 2023: What is Social Inflation and How Does It Affect My Business? Commercial liability insurance costs are outpacing nominal inflation, but why? In December 2021 a jury in Corpus Christi Texas found the owner of Beer Belly's Sports Bar in violation of Texas Dram Shop laws and liable for a historic $301 billion in mostly punitive damages. Read the full blog here.

Matthew Prickette
Commercial Insurance Consultant

(920) 636-7715

Matthew Prickette is a Commercial Insurance Consultant with R&R Insurance, Wisconsin’s largest family owned insurance agency.

Before joining R&R Insurance, he was the Vice President of Business Development at ERC: Counselors & Consultants.

His previous positions include Director of Business Development at ERC along with insurance advisor positions at McClone and Associated Financial Group. Focused on delivering value for his customers, he has a sensible approach to insurance cost reduction. With Matt’s background in personal and professional development he helps companies improve inefficiencies through process and training.

Prickette graduated locally from Pulaski High School and went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

He currently serves on the Ridgeway Country Club board of directors where he is a two-term board president. Matt is also active with the United Way.

R&R Insurance Services, Inc.

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin with additional offices throughout the state, R&R Insurance is one of the largest family-owned independent insurance agencies in the United States serving a large manufacturing client-base.

We understand that as a manufacturer, you face difficult safety and workers’ compensation exposures. Your conditions and needs change frequently. OSHA regulations are revised and updated often. We work hard to assist you in these areas of exposure, stay on top of OSHA regulations and ensure that your insurance program is tailored for your unique risks and needs.

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