Alternative fuels, ethanol production, renewable and biofuels industries are growing between 25% and 50% annually. With that kind of growth comes change. Change that could be overlooked if you don't have the right expertise for your insurance needs.

We've got the markets for the Alternative Fuels industry

The alternative fuels industry is in its infancy. There are only a few select carriers ready and willing to write your class of business.We've got contracts with all of the markets eager to write your business!

Executive Protection Coverage - Essential for investors and Board of Directors

Did you know that your board of directors can be held personally liable for decisions gone arwy. A lot of start up operations don't realize that the decisions made by their board fall on their personal shoulders. Protect your board members and executive team from being personally responsible. Again, because of the newness of the alternative fuels industry, there are not a lot of markets that are willing to write this coverage for you. We have the markets that are.

Variables you do have control over

While we can't change certain aspects that have a huge impact on your industry, such as the price of crude oil or weather conditions for crop supplies, we can help you control other variables that also have an impact on your bottom line. Topics like business interruption, fleet safety, risk transfer, and workers compensation have variables attached to the underwriting process. You can control some of these costs!

How do you plan to increase your margins over the next few years? Is your insurance coverage geared for this growth?

Automation plays an enormous role on your economic viability. Is your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which controls this automation covered? What if it is down for a day? a week? How would you make payroll?

Contact us and we'll help you answer these questions.