52 in 52 Interview Series with Tom Boudreau

About the "52 in 52" Interview Series

What is the 52 in 52?

I've wanted to do this 52 in 52 initiative for years, but it took time to build my network of Wisconsin experts. I am now in a position in my career to leverage the collective expertise of my network. They are a great group of people and I'm happy to be able to share their knowledge in a way that can help all of us grow our businesses.

My goal is simply this:

I sell business insurance like a lot of individuals but my goal is not only to be the best at that, but to also help my clients build their businesses - whether it's insurance related or not. 52 in 52 will be my attempt at putting the "social" back in my social networking. I am going to gather great ideas from smart Wisconsin professionals and share that knowledge with my clients and prospective clients.

Lastly, I have all 52 slots filled for this initiative. However, I don't see any reason to stop at 52. If you feel you bring business value to Wisconsin employers, I'd like to hear from you, and potentially share your story. Or, if you have a topic you want to recommend, please let me know by reaching out via my contact information below.

Best Regards,

Tom Boudreau 
R&R Insurance Services, Inc.