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Identify Alternate Locations for Injured Workers to Return to Work

Posted by John Brengosz

Alternative Locations for Return to Work Programs

Sometimes it's difficult to bring an injured worker back to modified duty at your location. If you're NOT in a "four-wall" location, it can be even harder (trucking, staffing, construction, etc.).  The Alaris Group has a program that helps employers identify alternate locations for injured workers to return to employment within their light duty restrictions. Why would you do this?  It makes a dramatic impact on your work comp experience mod and workers compensation premium.  There are tons of benefits for the Employer and the Employee to utilize this program beyond premium savings, which will be addressed in this segment.

Ever consider having an injured worker with restrictions work offsite at another facility (volunteer center for example) to reduce your future work comp costs? It definitely should be a tactic in your risk management plan.

Attached is a downloadable document that provides more detail on the Alternate Worksite RTW Program.

Nicole Hottmann, BS - Senior Account Executive - The Alaris Group, Inc.

Topics: Return to Work, Workers Compensation, Experience MOD