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"52 in 52" - Interviews with Wisconsin Business Professionals

A Slip and Fall Solution to Keep Your Employees Safe

Posted by John Brengosz

In this installment, Mark Wilcox of WI No Slip Floors provides a demonstration of his product that reduces slip and falls. He has a slip and fall solution for every type of floor (except carpet). His product has all sorts of applications for a variety of different industries. The product demonstration begins at the 8:30 mark in the video.

Keep in mind how one slip and fall claim can impact your workers compensation experience mod or how a premises liability claim to a visitor can increase your insurance rates. If I owned a business, I would have Mark, at the very least, perform this process to my reception area. He's done R&R Insurance, a large portion of Miller Park, quickservice restaurants like Culvers, manufacturing operations, healthcare facilities (he can apply this to shower/tubs too) - the list goes on and on.

In this video, Mark discusses:

  • How the product works
  • Where the product works (examples)
  • How much it costs to apply
  • Product Demonstration

Topics: Premises Liability, Workers Compensation, Experience MOD