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"52 in 52" - Interviews with Wisconsin Business Professionals

Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBAW) Talk with Steve Kohlmann

Posted by Resource Center

Steve Kohlmann discusses the offerings and mission of the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBAW). The mission is simple: To enhance the Wisconsin environment for independent business through active member participation in the political process. To encourage the growth and development of the Wisconsin business owner through education. To develop a strong support system and network for business owners throughout Wisconsin. R&R's Pete Frittitta has participated as a speaker on ObamaCare. Because of that, Steve was asked to share more about this organization.

Steve publishes a monthly e-Magazine, which you can find here.

Steve has also offered to by breakfast for any potential new member that would like to come to an event. Just email him here for the free offer.

Please also click here for a listing of past and upcoming speakers.  It will give you a good feel for the type of education IBAW is bringing to its members.

Steve Kohlmann
Heritage Printing / Cultivate Communications
3575 North 124th St.
Brookfield WI 53005

Topics: Independent Business Association of Wisconsin, ObamaCare