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Personal Cyber Insurance

Cyber threats are at an all-time high.

With global instability and a world that's more connected than ever, cyber threats are at an all-time high. Cyber attacks are NOT exclusive to big business, public entities and government. So, what are you doing to prevent a personal cyber attack?

R&R Insurance can help with risk management programs and products to respond to an attack, to help minimize the damage and to keep you and your family safe after a cyber attack. Don't leave yourself and your family vulnerable. Learn how our team of cyber experts can help you!



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Cyber Attacks are not limited to big business and public entities - individuals are being attacked, extorted and defrauded at a record rate. A Personal Cyber Attack can destroy your data, damage your credit, deprive your time, and cost you thousands. We know how to prevent Personal Cyber Attacks, how to respond post-attack, and what Personal Insurance products are available to cover your response, damages, and expenses.

What Coverage Can Identity Theft & Personal Cyber Provide? 

  Standard Homeowners Identity Theft Coverage Personal Cyber Coverage
Response Services   GreenCheckmark GreenCheckmark
Expense Reimbursement   GreenCheckmark GreenCheckmark
Attorney Fees   GreenCheckmark GreenCheckmark
Credit Monitoring Services   GreenCheckmark GreenCheckmark
Forensic Investigation     GreenCheckmark
Data Recovery & System Restoration     GreenCheckmark
Fraud, Forgery, Cyber Theft, & Social Engineering     GreenCheckmark
Cyber Extortion & Ransom     GreenCheckmark
Breach Notification Costs     GreenCheckmark
Cyber Bullying     GreenCheckmark
Cyber Liability     GreenCheckmark

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Cyber Claims Examples

4 Real World Personal Cyber Claim Examples

Personal Cyber Threats

  • Viruses & Malware: A computer program implemented by threat actors to gain unauthorized access, steal data, or cause damage to computers, computer networks, or other computing systems.
  • Cyber Extortion & Ransom: An event where cybercriminals lock, disable, or compromise the operations or data of an individual and their systems, and subsequently request payment to reverse the effects of their actions.
  • Personal Data Breach: A security violation in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, and/or used by an individual that is unauthorized to do so.
  • Fraud, Identity Theft & Social Engineering: Fraudulent activities such as theft, deception, and manipulation that result in access to sensitive information, impact to credit history, even significant financial damage and loss.
  • Social Media Attacks: The use of social media to attack, disparage, and/or harm an individual by releasing sensitive information, creating fake accounts, sharing doctored images, and more, with the intent of causing reputational damage.
  • Cyber Bullying: The use of electronic and social media communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature with the intent of causing harm.

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Risk Management Solutions

  • Password Management: Use strong passwords and update them often. Consider our recommended Password Management Tools. 
  • Technology Resources: Implement protection strategies utilizing the latest technology - Encrypted Connections, DFA, Credit Monitoring Services, and more 
  • Work Life Balance: Keep your Business Documents and Personal Documents on separate, encrypted devices. Use strong security measures on both.  
  • Social Media: Everything you post should be considered both public and permanent. Keep a clean, low profile and don't make yourself a target.
  • Overall Awareness: Be diligent with transactions, requests, and replies. Verify identities and take extra precautions with financial information. 
  • Personal Cyber Insurance: Consult with an agent at R&R to determine the Personal Cyber products and limits that are right for you and your family.

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Personal Cyber Review

Request a comprehensive policy review from one of our licensed agents. We'll reach out to have a conversation about your Personal Cyber Risk, gather information, and begin our formal review process. We'll propose solutions and explain the Personal Cyber Insurance products that are available to you. 

“Cyberattacks and threats are at an all-time high, and they are not exclusive to big business, government and public entities. Personal Cyberattacks have increased exponentially year after year. R&R provides resources, sound advice and practical solutions to minimize your cyber exposure and help you respond after an attack.”

Ryan Nowicki
Director of Personal Lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Personal Cyber Insurance?
A: A Personal Cyber Insurance policy or endorsement provides a range of coverages to help protect you and your family. A policy can assist with cyber-attack response services and can cover related expenses and damages such as forensic analysis, system restoration, identity theft, financial fraud, mistaken funds transfer, ransomware, cyberbullying and more. Coverage is offered in a variety of policy limits.

Q: Does my Homeowners Insurance cover cyberattacks?
A: Most standard home insurance policies do not cover cyber-crime related services, expenses, or damages after a cyber-attack.

Q: Do I need Personal Cyber Insurance If I already have identity theft protection?
A: Yes, Personal Cyber Insurance will provide a broader set of coverages including actual financial damages, where Identity Theft is often limited to expense costs alone. Personal Cyber can also offer important services such as forensic analysis, data recovery, system restoration and breach notification that may be excluded from Identity Theft coverage.

Q: How much Personal Cyber Insurance would I need?
A: R&R Insurance can help you evaluate your needs through a thorough Personal Cyber Risk Assessment and help you make an informed coverage decision. R&R partners with the top companies in the industry that offer limits up to $2 Million. A wide range of coverages and limits are available and R&R will guide you through the entire process.

Q: Is Personal Cyber Insurance affordable?
A: R&R Insurance partners with many different insurance companies that offer Personal Cyber Insurance products. Cyber Protection Coverage is surprisingly affordable, starting at just $35 per year!

Q: Does R&R Insurance offer education and tips on how to protect my data, connected devices, banking and investment accounts and other Personal Cyber exposures?
A: Yes, R&R Insurance has a dedicated Cyber Insurance Division that regularly updates and educates our clients on cyber risks and emerging trends. We offer key cyber security best practices and actionable steps you can take to reduce your Personal Cyber Risk - including the benefits of using strong passwords, managing your social media presence, implementing technology resources like encrypted connections and dual-factor-authentication, and tips to increase your overall awareness around Personal Cyber threats and exposures.

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